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(from Immortal Eyes: Court of All Kings)
Twinkling of an Eye: Can completely disappear into cover when not being observed (being unable to see or bound with Cold Iron negates this)
Insight: Charisma + Empathy (vs. 7) to smooth things over in a social situation
Tippling: must make WP roll (vs. 8) to act while in maudlin state (Seelie) or avoid picking a fight (Unseelie) whenever imbibing alcoholic beverages
Ghille Dhu (from Isle of the Mighty)
(All Seemings)

Nature's Bounty: May harvest Glamour from nature
Spring (Childling) Only:

Spin the Wheel: Re-roll any one roll once per story
Summer (Wilder) Only:
Rose and Oak: +1 to Appearance and Strength; effective in both Fae and Mortal forms
Autumn (Grump):
Wisdom of the Ages: Willpower roll to receive answer from the Dreaming to a question about the Fae once per story; must meditate in a natural spot. Difficulty 7 for simple yes/no question, higher for more difficult ones; a Botch means no more answers will be given on that subject
Kiss of Winter: Must make a Glamour roll (vs. current Banality rating) whenever gaining a permanent point of Banality, or age to the next Seeming; automatically age to next Seeming after suffering Chimerical death
Selkies (from Immortal Eyes: The Toybox)
Seal's Beauty: +2 to Charisma with regards to those attracted to their gender
Ocean's Grace: -2 to Difficulty of all Dexterity rolls in water; cannot Botch Swimming
Longing of the Ocean Shore: +1 to temporary Banality for every day spent away from the shoreline
Seal Coat: Destroying sealskin kills Fae mien; the human remaining must roll Stamina (vs. 8); failure indicates coma, Botch indicates death

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