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(From The Shadow Court)
-1 to Manipulation roll Difficulties; cannot Botch Politics or Subterfuge
Must make a Willpower roll (Diff. 8) to admit they are wrong; suffer +1 to Social roll Difficulties after backing down from a situation until do something to regain face
(From The Shadow Court)
Suffer no loss of temporary Glamour when in contact with Cold Iron
Suffer some sort of irreversible deformity (physical, emotional, psychological); cannot have a Willpower higher than 6
May convert points of temporary Glamour to temporary Willpower once per story (must be performing some sort of physical exertion)
Suffer some sort of handicap (poor eyesight, club foot, etc.); this is usually compensated for by smithwork
+1 success on all Cantrips
Must spend a temporary Willpower point to avoid investigating a mystery or becoming involved in a plot; +1 to all Social roll Difficulties
Any attempt to generate fear automatically fails
Given to epic and tragic romances (usually with outlaws, mortals, and other "unacceptables")
May roll Perception + Kenning (Difficulty is target's Willpower) to detect lies (members of House Eiluned are immune)
Must make Willpower roll (Diff. 5) when reach Wounded or honor insulted, or fly into a berserk frenzy (may attack allies)
(From The Shadow Court)
+1 to Charisma; -1 to Seduction roll Difficulties; cannot Botch Seduction
Age one year for every month fail to engage in Rhapsody
-1 to number of Glamour points needed to enchant or otherwise affect mortalsConsidered oathbreakers and discriminated against; begin with +1 point of permanent Banality
(From Nobles: The Shining Host)
+1 to Brawl and Melee rolls; -1 to Stealth roll Difficulties; immune to Banality's Curse
Cannot use Sovereign; +2 to Social roll Difficulties with all other Sidhe (except Houses Fiona and Liam); must make a Willpower roll (Difficulty 7, three successes needed to retreat) to leave a battle without defeating all foes

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