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Craftwork: Can accomplish physical labor in 1/3 the time required for humans; cannot Botch Crafts.
Social Dynamics: Perception + Empathy (or Subterfuge) roll (Difficulty 5 to 10) to discern a group's social interaction patterns.
Call of the Needy: must make a Willpower roll to avoid helping someone in need.
Spirit Pathways: will always end up in the right place at the right time
Talecraft: +1 experience point whenever you learn a new story or accomplish a great feat by telling a tale; cannot Botch Performance or Empathy.
Recklessness: cannot resist a challenge, gamble, or quest
Chimera Creation: can create simple, nonliving chimera with an extended Intelligence + Crafts roll.
Fix-it-all: Intelligence + Crafts (or Intimidation) roll to fix anything; -1 to Difficulties to control, manipulate, or fix one chosen device.
Flaws: Any nocker creation will have one trivial, irreparable flaw
Shapechanging: Spend one temporary Glamour point to change into form of chosen animal; must be unobserved while changing.
Confidant: Manipulation + Subterfuge (or Empathy) roll (vs. target's Willpower) to get someone to spill guts during a conversation; cannot Botch Empathy or Subterfuge.
Lies: must make a Willpower roll (vs. 8) to tell the whole, unembellished truth.
Dark Appetite: can eat anything; spend one temporary Glamour point to digest undigestible stuff or use this Birthright in combat.
Bully Browbeat: -1 to difficulty of Intimidation rolls
Bad Attitude: +2 to Difficulty of all Social rolls except browbeating.
Gift of Pan: Charisma + Empathy (or Performance) roll to stir carnal passions; target(s) can roll their Willpower (vs. 7) to resist
Physical Prowess: +1 to Stamina; cannot Botch Athletics; in Fae mien, can run at 25 + (3 x Dexterity) yards per Turn.
Passion's Curse: +2 (or more if intoxicated) to Difficulty of Willpower rolls to resist temptation or maintain self-control.
Awe and Beauty: +2 to Appearance; -2 to Social roll Difficulties when impassioned; attackers must make a Willpower roll (vs. 6+) to attack an angry sidhe head-on.
Noble Bearing: Cannot be made to look foolish; cannot Botch Etiquette.
Banality's Curse: each point of temporary Banality gained becomes two points; affected by Banality ratings as if they were one level higher.
Squirm: Dexterity + Athletics roll (Difficulty 6 to 10) to contort body to escape bonds; Cold Iron bonds negate this Birthright.
Sharpened Senses: -2 to Difficulty of Perception rolls; cannot Botch Stealth or Alertness; can see through illusions (or see Wraiths) with Perception + Alertness roll (vs. 7).
Curse of Silence: cannot speak above a whisper; +2 to Difficulties of all Social rolls.
Titan's Power: +1 to Strength (+2 for Grumps) and extra Bruised Health level (2 for Grumps); cannot Botch Athletics or Alertness.
Stubbornness: +2 dice to Willpower rolls made when in service to a cause.
Bond of Duty: Lose Titan's Power for breaking an oath or sworn contract.

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