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Awe and Beauty: As the Sidhe Birthright
Glamour Vessel: May quadruple normal Glamour rating in temporary points and store them for use by other Menehune (who must be within fifty feet of the Ali'i)
Banality's Curse: As the Sidhe Frailty
Sacrosanct: Lose five points of stored Glamour for every point of Banality gained; stepping on an Ali'i's shadow or not bowing before him destroys one point of temporary Glamour (stored first, and then the Ali'i's own)
Craftwork: When working together and not witnessed by Banal observers, can create any traditional structure within one night
Abandonment: A Hana who does not complete a task within the time declared at its beginning will leave it and never return to it; any other Hana who attempts to finish the task risks suffering Banality
Break Taboo: Spend one temporary Glamour to break taboo once per month; this must be done with respect and for a good reason
Spirit Speech: Can speak with all spirits and understand their language
Omens: Distracted by ability to hear spirits; will often go into trances to catch some omen from the spirits
Swift: +1 to Dexterity
Cruel: Have trouble governing their emotions and become cruel, killing rather than capturing enemies

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