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Beastie Form: 1 point of Glamour to shift into true form when totally alone
Gaiaís Mercy: Victims will forget Beastie violence within one hour, remembering only distorted stories of wild animals
The Hunt: Seelie fae will attack Beasties on sight unless they make a Willpower roll (vs. 9, 3 successes required)
Industrious Comrades:: Can perform physical labor in 1/3 normal time; -1 Difficulty to any roll that involves managing one chosen business
Pack Mentality: Intelligence + Politics (vs. 7) to get other Boggarts to alter or destroy a location once per adventure; Perception + Kenning (vs. 5, 3 successes needed) to detect Unseelie Boggans
Greed: Must make a Willpower roll (vs. 9) to avoid stealing an unguarded item of wealth; failure indicates that their fingers take on an adhesive texture, lowering the Difficulty for a Dexterity + Subterfuge roll to steal it by 1
Callousness: Cannot use Empathy skill to understand humans (but can use it to harm them)
Spawned in Darkness: Can vomit up a cloud of foul, inky blackness once per day; any attempting to see through it make rolls at +2 Difficulty
Hatred of the Weaver: 1 Glamour to become invisible to technology for one hour
Curse of the Weaver: Suffer one Health Level of damage each hour they are bound; also suffer one Health Level of damage each day they are confined
Mayhem: Intelligence + Crafts (Difficulty 6 for weapon that does 3 dice of damage; +1 to Difficulty for each additional die of damage) to create a physical device capable of causing mayhem
Gremlin Urge: 1 point of Glamour to cause a mechanical device to malfunction; must touch the item in question
Destructive Flaw: Every Goblin creation will have a violent and destructive flaw
Smells Like Chicken: Can detect Thallain and tell the difference between Seelie and Unseelie; Perception + Kenning (vs. 6) to sense a personís general emotional state. If successful, the Ogre receives -1 to any Difficulty involving opposed actions against the individual
Strong as Oaks: +2 to Strength; cannot Botch Strength
Dumb as Rocks: Increasing Intelligence with Attribute, Freebie, or Experience Points costs twice the number of points as normal

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