Oh,   My   Goddess!!

    Oh, My Goddess!! is actually a very endearing romance.  It involves
a college student at the Nekomi Institute of Technology in Japan, Keiichi 
Morisato.  One day, while trying to call out for take-out while in his
dorm, he accidentally dials the "Helper Goddess Hotline", which summons
the beautiful goddess Belldandy... out of a mirror!!  Of course, Keiichi
completely freaks out.  After he calms down, she explains to him that 
since he summoned her, he was able to make one, but only one wish (kinda
like the Genie from Aladdin, just two less).  Keiichi thinks that this
is an elaborate practical joke (he thought the mirror was rigged, I guess),
because of his general misfortune with women.  When Belldandy reads his
mind and asks him this (Keiichi should've started believing about then),
he responds by saying that he's too short (my kind of guy!!).  Well, 
when she asks him again about the wish, Keiichi, still thinking that 
it was all a joke, says that his wish was to have a girl like her live
with him forever.  
    Well, a bolt of lightning comes down and hits Belldandy and the wish
is granted... much to Keiichi's dismay... because his dorm is only for
BOYS... and they'll kick him out if he's caught with a girl.  Well, he
does, and they begin an unforgettable adventure for a place to live.  
The part where they actually find the home in the anime is one of the
most beautiful and heartwarming scenes I've ever seen.  In any film.
Japanese or American.  Period.  What happens afterward is that both of
Belldandy's sisters arrive sometime later, and cause a whole deal of 
troubles.  Also, Belldandy is chased after a rich, but corrupt, guy 
named Aoshima, while Sayoko (who happens to be Aoshima's cousin) tries
to get Keiichi to discredit Belldandy (who she's jealous of).  In the 
manga, the demoness Mara comes down to cause more troubles for the 3
sisters and Keiichi.
    When I first heard that this would be some kind of romantic comedy,
I almost backed off it completely.  Boy, that would've been a mistake 
of epic proportions.  I love this story.  It's sorta cutesy and a bit 
of a sappy romance, but it's just plain wonderful.  The kind of thing
that would make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Which is why I 
usually DON'T watch any kinds of romances, but this one just stuck on
me.  You won't hear me praising a romance of any sort in a long time, 
so, if you're into that kind of thing, watch this one for sure!!