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Invasion : Davis
Ranma 1/2, Ah Megami-sama!, Tenchi-Muyo Crossover
Ranma 1/2 is copyright of Rumiko Takahashi and Viz Entertainment
Ah! My Goddess is copyright of Kosuke Fujishima and Dark Horse Comics
Tenchi-Muyo is copyright of Pioneer Entertainment

Foreword by Author
	This fanfic is a self-inflic... er... self-insertion.  The story 
originated when another fellow otaku, A.J., and I were discussing what
would happen if certain anime characters were to visit the University 
of California, Davis, where we both attend school.  This is the results
of our musings.  The romantic relationships here are not *any* indication 
of any kind of obsession or wishful thinking.   It'd be good to tell 
everyone that before they start.  I just thought it'd be fun to write
something happening in Davis, since there is actually so little that 
goes on around here.  So, basically, I just decided to make Davis just 
a *little* more exciting.

Chapter One:
One year ago...
	Nabiki surveyed her surroundings and wondered what new opportunities 
awaited her in this new, foreign place.  "So *this* is what America is
like," she said quietly to herself, "I wonder if all the things they say 
about it are true."  This was the first time she had ever been outside 
Japan, and away from her family.  To be honest, she *did* miss her sisters, 
and she also missed Ranma (especially the income she received from him), 
but she really didn't miss the craziness that seemed to be a fact of life
in Nerima.  That's why she had decided to go to school here... for some
peace and tranquillity.  In fact, she had chosen Davis because it was 
a very good school which was set in a quiet rural area (she would've 
chosen Berkeley, but she'd heard that place was nearly as insane as Nerima)
... that, and if there was anywhere in the United States she had wanted
to visit, it had always been California.  She was overjoyed to discover
that the famed city of San Francisco was just under an hour away, and 
accessible through mass transit.  
	She knew Akane had really wanted to join her, but the situation
at home made it practically impossible, what, with her father saying that
she needed to stay for the sake of the dojo and because of her engagement
to Ranma.  Also, Akane was already attending the college where Nabiki 
had spent her first year.  Nabiki really hoped those two would finally
get their act together.  After all, since the Saffron incident, the two
had been closer than ever.  They were *almost* together.  Almost... they
probably *would* have been if it hadn't been for the constant interference
of the two fathers, the numerous rivals for both Akane and Ranma... and
probably her own meddling.  Nabiki winced at this last thought.  She
really did regret some of the things she did to Ranma and Akane, although
she would never admit it.  Akane was her sister after all, and Ranma... 
well, he was actually a better guy than anyone gave him credit for.  
She would try to make up for it when the time came.
	She was roused from her musings by the sound of the bus driver 
announcing that they had now arrived at the UC Davis campus.  "Well, 
here we go," she said to herself.  As she grabbed her small suitcase 
and duffel bag, she decided that, for once, her father had been right 
in having all her stuff sent in later to her dorm.  She couldn't possibly
imagine having to somehow carry that stuff to her dorm room for four 
blocks without any help whatsoever.  She really *did* wish that someone
had come with her... but well, things were *always* busy at home.  This
way, at least, she had all her essentials... what precious little that
was (some clothes, a camera, a few hundred American dollars and her credit
card, laundry detergent, bedsheets, a telephone, and her laptop computer).
She hoped the rest came soon.  She hopped off the bus with her stuff and
went towards her new home, wondering what sort of adventures awaited her 
in this new country...
	There wasn't very much activity in downtown Davis as the 
bespectacled young student ambled casually through the streets.  
"Hmmm... I guess everyone's still getting moved in..." he mumbled to 
himself, "...maybe in a week or two, when Welcome Week comes around."  
Well, he'd better enjoy it... this was probably going to be one of the 
last quiet walks through Davis for a while.  He'd been here a year, 
but he hadn't really explored all of downtown's stores and shops 
(although, in all honesty, there really wasn't all that much to see), 
and decided that this was probably the perfect time to do just that.  
But first, he went to a local video shop and rented some anime tapes 
he'd been wanting to see, but not really having had the chance to until
now.  He grimaced after he had finished paying for the tapes... he was 
getting a bit hungry... well, he hadn't had lunch yet, and it *was* a 
quarter past three.  He decided to drop by the Mexican restaurant and 
decided to get a burrito or something.  He'd look around some more after 
getting rid of his hunger pangs.  He sure hoped something exciting would
happen today...
	Tenchi wondered vaguely why he hadn't insisted that he come here
alone... but thought better of it.  They would never leave his side 
voluntarily... and he *did* enjoy their company *most* of the time.  He 
put those thoughts into the back of his mind, and proceeded with the 
tedious task of unpacking and organizing his things into his bedroom.  
His head jerked up at the sound of glass breaking and fitful screaming... 
Ryoko and Ayeka were arguing... *again*.  Oh, well... what else was new?  
There was a light tap at the door, "Tenchi-sama?"  It was Sasami.  She'd
grown up a bit since he had first met her.  She was now a pretty 16 year
old... well, she was *actually* a few hundred years old, but she *looked*
sixteen.  Strange... for someone who was from a race of long-lived and
slow-aging people, Sasami seemed to age just like a normal earthling.  
Maybe it had to do with her living on earth for so long.  His thoughts
were broken by her voice, however, "Tenchi-sama?" Sasami repeated, "Is
it okay for us to look around this place after we finish getting moved
in?  Washu-chan wants to look at the farm areas, and the others want to
see some of the stores that they have here."  Tenchi smiled, "Sure, once
we get everything settled, we can go out for a night on the town.  Okay?"
"Hai... arigato, Tenchi-sama," she replied happily and left to tell the
	"Heh," he said to no one in particular, "I guess she's matured
in other ways as well."  He remembered how she had been when she was 
younger.  She was such a cute kid, always smiling and playing with 
Ryo-ohki.  How things had changed.  She was basically your average 
teenager... she liked to go shopping, talk on the phone, and listen to
music, normal things for an adolescent... well, as normal as an alien 
princess could get, he guessed.  But he was surprised at how much she 
had matured emotionally.  She still had that wonderful innocence and 
dazzling smile, but she seemed a lot wiser nowadays (especially when 
compared to some *other* people in the household).  Other than Sasami, 
however, everyone else had pretty much remained the same throughout the
years.  Ayeka and Ryoko still argued constantly over him... Ryoko being
*very* obvious about her feelings... and Ayeka being much more reserved.
Mihoshi was still as absent-minded as ever, but still retained her lovable
disposition.  Washu... well, Washu was pretty much the devoted scientist,
experimenting in that secret lab of hers for hours at a time.  
	They were much like a family... *his* family now.  His father,
Nobiyuki, and his grandfather, Yosho, had remained in Japan to take care
of things while Tenchi went to school here in Davis.  Tenchi had always
wanted to visit America and the "study abroad" program at his university
allowed him to study here (and, if he wanted to, finish his undergraduate
studies here) and Davis was the school he eventually decided upon.  It 
had really been Washu's idea to go here... she had mentioned something
about it being the biggest agricultural school in the United States, and
she really wanted to do research on Earth plants... perhaps breed some
new species.  Well, anyways, she had convinced Tenchi that the science 
program here was very good and that she'd be able to do a lot of research
here with less trouble than if it was in a smaller, urban area.  Also, 
she promised to help Tenchi with any of his assignments if he asked.  So, 
here he was in Davis.  She just hoped that his "family" wouldn't destroy 
the place before he got to know the place a little better.
	"Thank you.  Come again!" said the cashier.  The student just 
smiled and walked away.  "My... that girl was a bit perky...oh, well..." 
he mumbled to himself, "Hmm... I really don't feel like eating in the 
restaurant... maybe I'll go to the park.  It's a shame to waste such a 
nice day as this anyways."  He caught some stares from passerbys.  
he thought to himself,   With a shrug of his shoulders, he continued
on his way, pausing only briefly at the record store and the bookstore.  
"I should do this often... it's not very often I get to be alone with 
my thoughts," he mused.  He glanced at his watch... it was about 3:30; 
he was supposed to meet his friend A.J. at 5:00... still, that left plenty
of time to roam around.  He saw the park ahead and saw that both benches 
were empty.  "Good," he thought, "no one to bug me."
	He sat down and was so hungry, he proceeded to inhale the burrito 
from Chico's (they really *do* make pretty good burritos, especially for 
a place like Davis).  In fact, he was so engrossed in eating that he failed 
to notice a slight, young man take a seat on the park bench across from him.  
The guy watched him for a few minutes until he said, "Wow, it's a nice day 
today, isn't it?"  The student's head jerked up from his meal.  "Huh?  What?"  
"Oh, I was saying how nice a day it is today.  It's the perfect day to take 
a stroll around the city."  The student's eyes focused on the young man 
seated across from him.  The first thing he noticed that this guy was 
pretty short... shorter than him, in fact.  He was also small.  He was 
wearing a simple shirt saying something like Negoma (or was it Nekori) 
Institute of Technology with, presumably, the equivalent in Japanese written
below it and a pair of brown slacks.  He had a very slight trace of a 
Japanese accent.  An exchange student, he figured... although he looked 
to be a graduate student... or as old as one.  Maybe he was going to ask 
for directions or something...   
	After finishing the burrito (he had offered his chips to the other
guy, but he had refused), he smiled at his counterpart.  A bit of silence 
passed.  Finally, he asked, "Are you an exchange student from Japan?  I'm
not sure, but I noticed that you have a slight Japanese accent, and that 
there's some Hirogana on your shirt."  The Japanese guy just looked down
at his shirt.  He smiled, "Yeah, I'm from Japan, but I'm not an exchange 
student.  I've already finished my undergrad program.  I'm actually doing 
some research here at Davis.  You see, my school, the Nekomi Institute of 
Technology, N.I.T. for short, is the Japanese sister school to Davis.  I 
decided to do some of my graduate work here."  So, he was right... he *was* 
a grad student.  "So, what're you doing research on?  Anything interesting?"
"Well, it seems pretty interesting.  I'm helping to engineer the designs
for a new combined solar and electric vehicle.  It looks really promising.  
Of course, the real hope is to make a feasible model which can be mass 
produced to eliminate the need for gas-powered cars."  The student's 
eyebrows raised a bit.  That *was* pretty interesting.  
	"Uh, excuse me, but um, I didn't catch your name..." "Oh, I'm 
sorry.  I should've introduced myself.  My name is Keiichi... Keiichi 
Morisato."  He extended his hand.  "Oh, and mine is Bryan Choa.  It's 
very nice to meet you."  They shook hands.  "So, are *you* a student 
here?" Keiichi asked.  "Yeah, I'm studying BioSci here." Bryan replied.
They continued talking about things such as campus life and Bryan was 
*very* interested in Japanese culture... and, of course, anime.  Before 
long, they talking to each other like they were old buddies.  "So... how 
long you've been here?" Bryan said.  "Not too long.  I just moved in last 
week.  Still getting settled into our apartment, in fact."  Bryan smiled, 
"So you live off-campus, eh?  Where, exactly do you live?"  "Um... I live 
towards the southern part of Davis, I think.  At least that's what the 
professor told me."  Bryan narrowed his eyes in mild surprise, "Wow, that's 
where I live, too!" he replied, "I'll probably be able to walk to your place 
from mine."  Keiichi pondered this for a moment, "Hey, actually, if you're 
free tonight... say around 8:00 or 8:30... why don't you have dinner at 
my place.  My wife's cooking up a storm and I'm sure she wouldn't mind 
having a guest."  
	Bryan's eyes widened.  Obviously, Keiichi noticed his surprise, 
"Yeah, I know I'm a bit young to be married, but, believe me, she's well 
worth it."  "Oh, I'm sure she is.  I guess you're pretty lucky to find 
true love, eh?  She must be one special lady."  I wish all of us were that 
lucky."  Keiichi smiled... something about Bryan reminded himself of him 
when he was his age, "Don't worry.  I'm sure you'll find someone, too... 
well, how 'bout it?  Dinner at my place at 8:00?  Believe me, the food is 
superb.  Belldandy's the best cook in the world."  Bryan pondered this for 
a minute.  He thought about having to meet A.J. at 5:00... but he knew that 
they'd be finished before 7:00... "Sure, why not?"  This guy seemed nice 
enough, and a free dinner was always welcome, especially for a poor college 
student.  "Okay, here's my address..." Keiichi began.  After Keiichi gave 
the instructions to his place, he said he needed to get back.  Something 
about his sister-in-law fixing up the place.  Well, if his wife was 
everything he said she was, then Keiichi was *definitely* a very lucky man.  
Well, a quiet dinner at a new acquaintance's house wasn't exactly the 
kind of excitement he was looking for anyways, but that was fine.  Nothing 
really exciting happened to him anyways.  At the very least, he'd made a 
new friend today.