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Kingdom   of   People

    Well, as you might or might not know... I actually DO have some people I 
regard as friends... both in Davis and back home from P-town.  I'll eventually 
get some .jpg's up of all of 'em... for now, I'll just describe 'em for you.

Ben Henderson: Well, he's probably one of my closest friends from high school.  
               We went to PVHS (Pinole Valley High School) together and we've 
               been friends ever since bowling together in sophomore year... and
               beating the tar out of each other in video fighting games.  Well, 
               he goes to USF right now and is probably cuddling with his g/f as
               we speak.  He likes computers... which explains why he's a progra-
               mming major.  Other than that whole PDA thingie, he's a pretty cool
               guy to be around.

Christopher K. Tong: (note to Chris: doesn't that "K" sound more distinguished?)
                     Well, Chris is my other good friend from high school.  He's
                     pretty cool, too.  I'd even dare to say that he's a true 
                     intellectual.  We have the most fascinating discussions every
                     once in a while.  He goes to Stanford and has even seen Chelsea!
                     He's cool... although he needs to e-mail me back more often!!

Hwa Jo: Hwa is one of my closest friends in Davis.  I met him just this year, but
        it seems as though we've known each other forever.  We share very similar 
        ideologies and thoughts.  For one thing, we both hate P.D.A.'s!  On a side
        note, he happens to be the drummer for our band, Chance Fling (shameless
        plug!!).  He made the foolish mistake of becoming a biochemistry major...
        we all now must bow our heads in sorrow.  Pray for him, everyone!!

David Heng: Dave is another close friend from Davis.  In fact, he's one of my room-
            mates.  He's cool.  Very much into animé... he's seen practically every-
            thing!!  A good guy to go to when you need to talk about animé.  Also,
            he's quite a nice guy... so get to know him if you can!!  

Anthony J. Woo: Another close friend from Davis who can probably name any famous
                English passage if pressed.  He's also a big animé fan, as well as
                knowing a great deal about RPG's and magic (the card game and the
                real thing).  Good guy to hang around with.  Just don't get on his
                bad side.

Rachel Abrahams: Hehe... it must be nice being the only female on this list.  
                 Rachel is probably one of the few biotechnology majors (pray 
                 for her as well) who knows more about computers than many comp-
                 sci majors.  That's kinda scary, isn't it?  She's really cool and
                 caring.  (Another shameless plug!!) She is also another member of
                 the band, being the rhythm guitarist and the principal song arranger.

John Celio: A good friend from Davis.  He's cool.  I've even gotten him to watch
            some animé.  I've converted yet another!!  He's an art major and he's
            pretty good at it to boot.  He's one of the people who got me into modern
            rock, actually.  We work out together, too... although not much this 
            quarter, for some reason... maybe our schedules.  Visit his website... 
            it's in my links section.