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Our    Band    "Sanctuary"

Enlisted in God's Service :) Where and When We Played

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Sanctuary    Date    Listings~Serving    Jesus    !

Keswick Baptist Church : Richard(drums), Graeme (lead guitar), Vicki (piano & lead singer) :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sept. 10/99 ~ U.N.B. Campus: Graeme Sweet,(guitar and singing) Vicki Noble, (Lead singer) Pete Young, (Tin Whistle) Richard Crosby at UNB First Time On Drums. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

September 19th, 1999 Mark Sypher (New Youth Pastor) Brunswick Street United Baptist Church "Santurary ~ Vicki Noble,(keyboard and vocalist) Graeme Sweet,(electric guitar) Richard Crosby,(drums) Ross Cunningham (base guitar) Pete Young (tin whistle) PLUS Brunswick Street Extended : Andrew David Noble,(vocalist) Jocelyn Tranquilla,(vocalist) John Cook,(drums) Terra Nickerson(Vocalist). 1st Youth Service with Contemporary Music. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Our Band "Sanctuary" 2000 Superbowl Service on January 30th, 2000~ Evening service at Brunswick Street, Youth Church, and Superbowl at Brunswick Street United Baptist Church~very upbeat night with lots of fun and a great worship~a couple of guest musicians ~Jay Phillips ~Joel Scott

September 22, 1999 ~ Brunswick Street United Baptist Church 7 pm Fredericton, N.B. "In Memory of Colombine Highschool Students" and Calgary Alberta Killed because they were Christian " with Guest Speaker. "Jason's Father": Our Band "Sanctuary" ......... Vicki Leigh Noble (keyboard & vocalist) Graeme Lamont Sweet (guitar & vocalist) Ross Cunningham (guitar & vocalist) Richard Crosby (drums & vocalist)

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