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My Vacation This Summer : ) --3 weeks in CALGARY !!!!

This summer I will be going to Calgary for three weeks for V A C A T I O N : ) I plan to see the Mountains as inspiration for my "Paintings"; to get lots of pictures for later paintings. I plan to have a nice dinner at the "Calgary Tower" :) While there I will be playing piano on Sunday for Bowness Baptist Church. If they still have time to fit me in. I hope to do many FUN things ! But most of all kick-back and relax; catch a sun tan . ~~~~~~~ Victoria Leigh Noble

Links on Calgary : )

Calgary, Alberta CANADA: "My Vacation"~~Note That Black Grand Piano
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Sightseeing, Adventure and Recreation: Balooning/Cycling/Sight & Sightseeing/
Dining in Calgary: "Is there a possibility N.B. will never look the same"?
Live From Calgary:
Bownes Baptist Church--Ken & Patricia Schultz: Where I Will Play Piano on Sunday Aug. 23/98 When I Am In Calgary : )
Down Town Calgary ~~ Map:
Pictures from Banff National Park: Alberta, Canada
Banff National Park: Even Fields of Flowers !!!
Directions to Banff:
My View of Calgary ~ : A Personal View
Calgary 7 ~ The Spirit of Calgary ~ Live Feed: News ~ Weather~Live Video Clips

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