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Vicki Leigh Noble (Victoria) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Matthew McGuire(left) Travis (center) Jay Phillips (right)~~ The Best of Stoneleigh ~ Combined music/words edition: Song # 1:````` All I once held dear (Knowing You)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. All I once held dear, built my life upon, all this world revers, and wars to own, all I once thought gain I have counted loss; spent and worthless now, compared to this. Knowing You, Jesus, knowing You, there is no greater thing. You're my all, You're the best, You're my joy, my righteousness, and I love You, Lord. 2. Now my heart's desire Is to know You more, To be found in You And known as Yours. To possess by faith What I could not earn, All-surpassing gift Of righteousness. 3. Oh, to know the power Of Your risen life, And to know You in Your sufferings. To become like You In Your death, my Lord, So with You to live And never die.

John Cook (my prayer partner that summer)

Praise & Worship Team for Vespers ~~ Evening Service !

Al Fewkes (left) Peter Gregory Cook (right) The first person I knew at GHLC ~we held down the Camp all one winter ~ remember the potatoes Pete?~ Good Luck at the Camp where you will go.