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Jay Phillips ~ He will go overseas to become a Forester/Missionary. Right on Schedule. Jay went away to Mexico. He is back now 2002 and working in Fredericton, still single, and still in the mission fields!

Phillip Woodworth ~ He will become a Reverend like his dad.

Peter Cook (will go to a Christian Camp for a year) Matthew McGuire ~ He goes to Atlantic Baptist University or a Bible College. Currently Jan.99 is in Fredericton, N.B. at S.T.U. Al Fewkes ~ Goes to a Christian Camp ~ somewhere in Colorado.

Vicki (Me) ~ I'll be on UNB Campus and VCF Thurs. @ 7:30 pm Alumni Memorial (Praise & Worship) Marshall D'Avary Hall ~ Frosh ~ Sept. 6/98 ~ Church In The Sub. My Good Friend Gizelle Tranquilla ~ goes away to ABU.