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Midi ~ "If Tomorrow Never Comes"
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Mom's Diary ~ So This Was Me : )

Months One and Two

BABY GIRL NOBLE ~Christian Name: Vicki Leigh Noble "nicknamed~Victoria"

Born on Tuesday, September 11th, 1979 @ 12:17 hrs. NOON Length: 50cm - 19-1/2" Head : 36 cm - 14" Chest : 34cm-13-1/4" Weight: 8 lbs. 11-1/2 oz.

Born with deep blue eyes. Now has dark brown-eyes; with an outside BLUE circle around them.

First Week: At Three and One Half Hours after her birth she lifted her head off my chest. Nursing a new experience.

Second Week: Bright and sees well

Sixth Week Doing fine. Smiles : )

Months Three and Four

Nine Weeks:

Good Baby ~ rarely cries ! Contented .

Twelve Weeks:

Baby's first Christmas ~ her eyes sparkle and shine looking at the Christmas tree.

Sixteen Weeks:

Her father built her a toy stand (just her size) 3-4 months old. To help her with her dropped toys; so she could drop them and pick them up herself.

Months Five through Seven

Handles all toys well. Talks and jabbers baby talk. Laugh's out loud by herself at her own will. She loves Angela to play with her. Sometimes when "charming" with her eyes she pretends to be shy.

Six Months:

Sits up by herself. Waives "hi"~"Bye" holding hand open palmed upward. Says "Bye Bye" waiving. Dr. Harrison (eye specialist) has scheduled her for Dr. Evert Chalmers Hospital for a tear duct probe for a blocked tearduct. Mar. 20/80 - First Day of Spring. Vicki was given her 3rd needle yesterday, feeling miserable; managed a smile tonight. In all my life I have never seen a child so contented. Nursing has brought with it a very warm and close relationship. It will soon be her first Easter. Easter Sunday is also Crystal's birthday (13 years). Time passes quickly now like never before. Says "Dad, Dad" real plain also "How You" with accent on a long You. Readily says Hi to others !

Seventh Month:

Vicki puts words together, such as (Goo Dad) (Go Car), she calls Duke our family dog "Uke". (Good Girl) - she also occasionally sings her "Dad,Dad Song". She doesn't use her legs much yet~ it doesn't concern me too much ~ but it seems to be the all around topic with a few relatives. She grows more beautiful each day. I am happy to work with her; not against her. With your first it seems to be a matter of who did what first (atleast with some people), to the point of being obnoxtious. Vicki gives big kisses now. She can spot a car from a distance, sitting in her high-chair. She watches the horses too. Lady is due to foal soon. Vicki loves to watch the birds fly, she says "Booh". April 22/80 Vicki used a bottle (nuk nipple) for the first time today as I was taking antibiotics ~ she drank 2 oz.

Months Eight through Twelve

Eighth Month: Weaned herself.

Nine Months: Walked at 9 months.

Twelfth Month: Vicki's first birthday. I was in the hospital to have my appendix removed. Grandma and Grandpa Noble (Hazen and Francis); kept house; made her cake. Vicki came with dad and family to visit me in the hospital. Vicki speaks plainly and well.

Months thirteen through Sixteen:

Feeds herself. Always shares her Dad's dinner and supper. Sitting on his lap.

Months Seventeen through Twenty-Four

Seventeenth Month: There isn't anything she can't say. Asks questions.

Twenty-third month: September 2nd, 1981

Vicki's birthday will be soon. Bought her a pink fluffy arm chair with her favorite "Winnie-The-Pooh." A matching Jump set with fleece coat. Also got her a broom cleaning set as she insists on helping. She loves to go shopping with me. Talks fluently. Anxious to learn. Counts to 10. Loves to read books with me. Vicki is all "potty trained" in the daytime. She takes everything in her stride, most things which were "supposed to be hard" with great ease and knowledge, eg... weaning, training, talking. Many people comment on her plain speach and large vocabulary; and her beautiful brown eyes.

From here it has been a child "much grown in grace".