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My Snazzy List of Links

My Favorite Movie "The Titanic": The Greatest Love Story of All Times
Shania TWAIN and Bryan White : ) LYRICS: From This Moment On
I No Longer Call You Servant ~ But Friend:
Bible Study Links : Research
My Favorite Flowers and Why: Memories from GHLC
BAY OF FUNDY ~~~ A place to visit !: "Ocean" ~
Unique Place to Visit ~ Deer Island ~ : Campobello Island ~ I went there with Lower Lincoln Grade School Years
I have Visited Roosevelt International Park ~ :
Quaddy Loop:
The Brunswickan: U.N.B. ~ News
Hudson Trenholm ~ IVCF~ Brunswick Streets Former Youth Pastor: Now Involved with IVCF at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia
Jason's Page: Swim Instructor
MY ONE AND ONLY BROTHER: He May Have Been 3 Years Younger-- But NOW..... he is sure not smaller !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LION TRACK MINISTRIES: Link Supplied by Brent J. MacDonald
LION TRACK PHOTO ALBUM ARCHIVES: Green Hill Lake Camp 1996 ~ Pictures of me in the 6th frame~8th Frame~last frame~ My Councellor/Instructor "4" years at Camp !
Green Hill Lake Camp Photo Album--My Years As Councellor: l996 Camp Photo Album. Photo 9.html Is Me On The Piano