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Canoe    Trip    July    1st,       1998    ~    Spednick    Lake

A Time Each Year to Play ~~To Relax~~to hear the Loons on Spednick Lake. To go to Big Island with Janette & Steve Alward ~~ Mike & Mary Jane Phillips~~~Vaughn & Shirley Dunfield ! With the many leaders and Campers. FREEDOM across the vast expanse of the water. A TIME FOR R & R. This year both my brother (Andrew) and I have our NEW PADDLES - given to us by Vaughn Dunfield ~ my most precious possession. :)

Its not just any paddle ~~ Did you see my paddle, it is cool? It has bird's eye maple in it with walnut and poplar (design inlay). It has my name on it too. It's very light and has good flexing ability!

Its me (Vicki Leigh Noble) on the RIGHT in the bow of the Canoe

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