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Places    I    Have    Visited    and    Always    Enjoy    Going    Back    !

Vacations :)

Deer Island: "Unique, Remote, Quiet, STAR FISH, so many, so big; like jewels in the Sand"
Grand Manan: Unique, an Island very much alone !
Irving Nature Park, Saint John: Nice Walking Trails :)
Saint Andrews, New Brunswick Destination: I Would Like To See This Place :)
SAINT ANDREWS BY THE SEA: "Minister's Island" ~ Unique in ALL OF NEW BRUNSWICK~History's Showcase
KINGS LANDING: I Like Returning Here Every Summer ~ Some Seasonal Events are Fun, like Christmas Dinner "Victorian Style"
Regional Maps: New Brusnwick, and the Maritimes
Saint John, New Brunswick: Where Joshua Benjamin Graham and Glen Stackhouse, make their homes

Midi "Dreams1"