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Victoria    Leigh    Noble    (Vicki)


LET ME INTRODUCE MY SELF My name is Vicki Leigh Noble "Victoria"

I was born September llth, 1979 on a TUESDAY @ 12:17 "noon". I have been on time for "dinner" ever since :)

I arrived at the Oromocto Public Hospital . Delivered by Dr. Vaughn S. Roxborough (who is my family Doctor to this day). Miss Mina MacKenzie assisted along with "Dad" at my birth.

My Length: 50 cm - 19+1/2" Head : 36 cm - 14" Chest: 34 cm - 13+1/4"

The other members of my family are:

Name Birth Date Relationship

Crystal Lynn Noble April 6th, 1967 Sister

Angela Evelyn Noble February llth, 1973 Sister


Andrew David Noble October 2nd, 1982 Brother

Geneology    Information

Mitchell's from Hastings, England~Referrals to Midelands England~ Ethel Violet Mitchell had one Sister a Dorothy Gasson (nee Mitchell) BROTHERS: Arthur Mitchell Thomas Mitchell from Croyden, England~1/2 mile from major airport. during the war time, this area was bombed by the Germans, knocking plaster off the walls! Cecil Mitchell Harold Mitchell

Their Common father Thomas Mitchell from London, England! Thomas Mitchell's father was "Elem". William Charles Marney married Ethel Violet Mitchell as a war bride! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ William Charles Marney's father was William H(Henry?)Marney who married Henriette Feero, (whose parents were Patience Ferro and Oren Feero.)

Children of William H. Marney: was a Sawyer (worked in the sawmill a Pinder, N.B. CANADA. William Charles Marney (My Great Grandfather and Grandfather of my Mother (Donna Marie Noble (nee Marney)! Guy Marney from McAdam: had 3 girls, Evelyn, Helen,Mable. Harry Marney(cousin of William Charles Marney) was from Amherst, Nova Scotia~Travelling Salesman. From Scottish Descent. Fraser Marney from Cape Cod, U.S.A. had 3-4 Girls. Arthur Marney



My Grandfather Glen Royce Marney b. Feb.18, 1922 says we are related to the Way? family from Canterbury.....we also have people from Saint John who ran a repair shop. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ William Charles Marney had two sons: Glen Royce Marney had five children: Roy Carl Marney b. Feb.24/1945~Married/divorced Donna Fox from Nackawic way; they had two children Tammy Marney and Trevor Marney. Joan Marie Marney (dec.3 days old, lies at the foot of Fred Mooers who married Ada Blanche Mooers (nee MacFarlane), in the Temperance Vale Cemetery, small white baby stone. Born permature~ Had spina bifita. Donna Marie Marney b. January 4/1948 m. David Stanley Noble, Rusagonis, New Brunswick, Canada. Wanda Leigh Marney (Mrs. David Peterson from Nova Scotia) born November 27/58. Heather Dawn Marney b. March 27/61? (Mrs. Charles Kennedy from Nova Scotia)

Alden Charles Marney m. Geraldine Stairs they had -four girls, Jean,Linda Rowena (Mrs Bob Simpson Southampton, NB~ Barbara (Mrs Aunden Rae Prince William, N.B.

HERITAGE~When The Pieces Fall Into Place

My Noble Geneology -- My Dad "David Stanley Noble":
Spiritual Midi's ~~A Period of Rest : ): "From The Rising of the Sun" + Michael W. Smith
Christian Graphics :
INTERVARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP: A Photo of "Me"~~Photo Album (last picture-in the brown sweater) 2nd row-4th from left.
Searching For The Answers : ): The Holy Bible
Victorian graphics: For Web Pages : )
Great Grandmother ~Ada Blanch Mooers (nee MacFarlane)~Evelyn Kathleen Marney (Grandma)~Donna~Mom~Me!: Historic Books on Roots "The Vale" ~~Fero (Feero) Family at the York Regional Library~~My name is in this at the time of publication. Arrived in Temperance Vale as a "United Empire Loyalist".
Clan MacFarlane ~ Ada Blanch Mooers:
Scotland Heritage - On My Dad's Ancestory:
My "Grandpa's Mother Ethel Violet Mitchell' - ENGLAND (Glen Royce Marney) : Ethel Violet Mitchell born(to Thomas Mitchell ~worked in the Police Force~) at Hastings, England : Glen Royce Marney~MY Grandfather ~Donna Marie Noble (nee Marney)~Mom~Victoria Leigh Noble (Me).
Ethel Violet Mitchell my Great Grandmother~England: BROTHERS AND SISTER: