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For a full list with over 1600 Romanian posters, in alphabetical order
of stars, please, go to:

For other movie collectibles use the following links:
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Posters and postcards:

Old Movie postcards 

John Gilbert postcards

Greta Garbo page

Dolores Del Rio
Gloria Swanson

Charlie Chaplin
Norma Shearer

Gary Cooper
Ann Sheridan postcards

Anna May Wong postcards
   Bette Davis postcards

Clara Bow postcards

Conrad Veidt postcards

Douglas Fairbanks postcards

Evelyn Holt postcards

Tom Mix postcards

Marilyn Monroe page

Audrey Hepburn page

Brigitte Bardot page

Rudolph Valentino postcards

Brigitte Helm postcards

Marlene Dietrich page

Harold Lloyd postcards and posters
Laurel & Hardy page

Lon Chaney postcards

Catherine Deneuve page

Federico Fellini page

Joel McRea postcard

Kay Francis postcard

Louise Brooks postcard

Marion Davies postcards

Michelangelo Antonioni page

Sarah Benhardt postcard

Sylvia Sidney postcard

William Hart postcard
Zarah Leander page

If there is anything specific you're looking for, please don't hesitate
to e-mail me. If you do not find your want posters, write me and I shall try to find them.

I hope to receive your want list as soon as possible.
You can send me an E-mail at:
or send a letter to:

Ioan Baicu



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