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Sterling Seminars
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Welcome to Sterling Seminars!

Sterling Seminars is a service of Occupational Medicine Advisory Services and is designed for the sole purpose of helping to educate you on how to have healthy productivity through healthy employees.
Achieving maximum productivity is never easy but it is impossible if you have a sick or absent staff.
Building a healthy work force can often make a huge difference in increasing sales, quality improvement, and ultimately customer satisfaction.

At, we'll provide information and best practices to keep your workforce healthy and productive.   And, of course, we'll keep you informed of our information packed seminars and the other services we provide in conjunction with our parent organization Occupational Medicine Advisory Services as well as our other health maintenance partners. 
As an outlet and to help himself stay healthy,  Dr. Sterling indulges in photography and computer art .   


Parallax View by Dr. Robert E. Sterling

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We welcome the opportunity to hear about your health promotion challenges in making your company healthier and more productive.   Please feel free to e-mail us your questions or concerns at:

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