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Wonder'n Vette Site

Midwestern Corvette Rallies, Shows & Shines

Hello my name is Denny and I am from the midwest. I plan to dedicate this site to rallies and swap meets for Vettes in the midwest.

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Corvettes are the all American car. Every red blooded american boy or girl has wanted one some time or the other. Well I'm one of those and here is mine below a red 1991 convertable.
This is a virtual reality look at my car below. If you have Quick Time Movie software you can view it by placing your mouse in the center of the image and hold down your left mouse button and move from side to side and up and down.

There is nothing like driving this car with the top down on a warm sunny afternoon with the wind in your hair. I plan to use this page to post Corvette rallies and car shows in the midwest and Chicago areas. So check back often and who knows maybe we will see each other sometime at a rally.

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