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Rialto to Ozette Lake
Rialto to Ozette Journal
July 1999

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Day 1: Sunday July 11, 1999  
Miles: 9.8 from Rialto Beach to Norwegian Memorial
We got up at 5:40, got packed up, and were out by 6:30.  Our ferry left 
at 7:10 and we made it with a few minutes to spare.  When we started 
going, Anne and I were out front and the bullhorn scared us out of our 
minds!  We spent the rest of the time walking around the ferry.  It 
was gonna be a fun day.  The weather was great, and we were gonna hike 
on the beach.  The car ride to Rialto Beach was beautiful.  Anne and I 
stopped in Port Angeles at McDonald's around 9:00.  They told us they 
didn't serve regular meals till 10:30 (sigh, small town folk!) so we 
got breakfast (again).  Later, I took an hour-long nap.  When we got 
there, we stopped at the Rangers Station where Anne filled out our 
registration card.  Also, we found out that there were more fees to 
pay (ugh).  Oh well, that was ok because we could mail the money later.  
Anyway, we drove up to the beach, went to the bathroom, changed into 
shorts, and left.  The rest of the day was full of rocks, logs, mist,
rocks, people, rocks...oh ya, and lost of rocks!  We couldn't go 
through the Hole In The Wall because the tide was in.  At the Chilean 
Memorial we had lunch - at 4:00.  While passing the Ranger Station 
near the Starbuck Mine site, we talked to the ranger who told us we 
were getting close to where we were to camp, a.k.a. Norwegian Memorial 
on Kayostla Beach.  We found a really nice place with a cool bathroom!  
We ate dinner around 9:00 and watched a beautiful sunset.  Then Anne 
and I put our food up on a tree that someone had hung a bunch of buoys 
on and went to bed.
Day 2: Monday July 12, 1999 
Miles: 4.5 Norwegian Memorial to Yellow Banks
We woke up and got ourselves ready.  Freeze-dried scrambled eggs was 
our breakfast, then we packed ourselves out of there.  We crossed over 
rock after rock after rock (through the rock reef).  After not too 
long, I started to feel sick, so we rested for a few minutes and I 
drank some water.  We told stories to pass the time.  At last we made 
it to a (sort of) beach!  We walked around it and suddenly saw a deer.  
She was eatine leaves off a tree and when she saw us, didn't seem to 
mind our presence.  We took pictures and were about to leave when a 
fawn came up to about 20 feet from us.  We took pictures of the two 
together, got some water, and found a campsite not too far from there.  
The tide was in almost all the way, so we ate lunch.  When we were 
about to go look for better campsites at Yellow Banks, I went up to 
go to the bathroom. (There is a point to this, stay with me now!) No 
sooner had I squatted down when I felt taht something as looking at 
me.  I turned around and there as the deer we had seen earlier.  She 
was laying down, just looking at me.  So I finished up, we took some 
more pictures, and headed out with just the map bag and a water bottle.  
It didn't take long to reach Yellow Banks, The beach was beautiful.  
We walked around and laid down in the sun.  Lots of people passes us 
including a group of 20!  Finally we decided to find a campsite and go 
get our stuff.  On the way, there were two male deer just sitting on 
the rocks we had to cross.  We couldn't go around them too far, so we 
passed right by.  After grabbing our stuff and heading back around the 
deer, we set up camp.  Later, we went beach combing.  Anne got a swiss 
army knife and a BRIGHT orange bandanna to match her BRIGHT orange 
windbreaker. (hehe)  I found a little shovel. :) We had brought the 
camera, so we took pictures of the sunset. - (Anne) Then Alicia saw a 
raccoon and made faces at it.  The raccoon died from our left over 
food. - Hey!! (She's just j/k-ing)  Anyways, we threw rocks at a 
raccoon before going to bed till we figured he was gone... 
Day 3: Tuesday July 13, 1999 
Miles: 8.2 Yellow Banks to Ozette Lake, then back to Sand Point
Reluctantly, we left Yellow Banks and headed for Sand Point.  It was 
only 2.5 miles, and the rocks quickly turned to sand.  It was really 
sinky sand, but that was ok.  The beach was long and we came upon 
several parts of a shipwreck.  Finally we stopped and asked these 
people (with a cute little kid) about campsites.  We found some and 
had lunch.  While we were eating, a cute little chipmunk (who we so 
lovingly called "Chip") came up and ate the Top Raumen we dropped.  
There had been a deer out towards the beach eating and she walked 
right by our campsite and styed just beyond it to eat for another half 
hour or so.  We set our tent up to dry and put our backpacks in it.  
Then we hung our food up, I grabbed the map bag, Anne grabbed the 
water bottle, and we started on the 3 miles to Ozette Lake.  And guess 
what?  The whole way was board walk!  The rainforest was beautiful and 
when we got to the Lake, Ranger Station, and REAL BATHROOM Anne and I 
decided to stop and rest.  Anne tried calling my mom on the cell phone 
and at the pay phone but with no luck.  So we walked down the road 1/4 
mile to a resort place where there was a general store.  Lots of snacks, 
a tiny dura log, and a Starbucks Mocha Frapaccino is what we finally 
settled on.  Then Anne and I walked back and stopped at the campground 
to try the cell phone there.  It worked!  So we said, "Hi, we're not 
dead yet, bye" to my mom, then headed back to Sand Point with hurting 
feet.  We had a REALLY gross dinner that night (NEVER buy Natural 
High's Burgandy Beef!) after beach combing and went to bed before the 
Day 4: Wednesday July 14, 1999 
Miles: 13.2 Sand Point to Chilean Memorial
We got up at a fairly average time and headed out.  We were to make 
the Norwegian Memorial by the end of the day, making it a 4 mile day. 
 However, we kinda missed it and when we realized our mistake, we 
decided to keep going since it was so early in the day - not even 
lunch time.  So we walked for a while longer till we saw a lot of 
people on the beach and just above it (at the ranger station).  However,
we couldn't seem to see the Ranger Station or the shelter, so we found 
a little gap in the logs that as sheltered from the wind.  It was 
almost high tide, and we barely got over the rocks before it came in.
  Ok, so it wasn't THAT close, but anyways...we made lunch and took 
an hour-long nap.  A lady yelled, "There's people sleeping over here!" 
and after that we were pretty much awake.  The tide was in all the way 
and we had to walk on logs and gravel.  The sky was cloudy and the 
water menacing.  Soon we were climbing over loose dirt to get over 
fallen trees.  Then we couldn't go anymore.  Anne started up and I 
followed reluctantly after her.  The dirt was so loose I was surprised 
anything could live on it.  After only a few minutes we were met by - 
you guessed it - a rockslide with no safe way around.  We couldn't go 
back, so down the rockslide was the only way.  I looked at it and 
burst into tears.  Anne helped calm me and explained that we were 
gonna throw our backpacks down, then slide down on our butts.  So once 
was calm enough to get started, we did just that.  After reaching the 
bottom, everything looked a lot more inviting.  Anne and I got to the 
rocks just before Cape Johnson and stopped to wait for a low to medium 
tide.  The trail mix was out and we pretty much finished it off, along 
with some other misc. snacking items.  An hour later we started off 
again.  I thought a lot as we hopped from rock to rock.  Towards the 
end of Cape Johnson, we saw seals out on the rocks sunning themselves 
in the clearing sky.  When we could see the Chilean Memorial, tents 
scattered the beach - everywhere.  We asked some people where we might 
find an inland site for our un-freestanding tent.  After many tries, 
finally someone knew of one.  Anne was exhausted...and so was I, come 
to think of it.  About 15 miles in one day had been more than enough 
for both of us, being 19 and 15. :) That night we pigged out on the 
rest of our junk food.  I gave Anne her surprise emergency 
Day 5: Thursday July 15, 1999 
Miles: 3.7 Chilean Memorial to Rialto Beach and home!!
When we woke up, Anne asked me what time it was.  Me, being only half 
awake (and half blind without my glasses) quickly glanced at the watch 
and proclaimed, "8:30".  Anne repeated the time I had just announced 
and got up.  I tried to - really I did!  Anyway, when we had packed 
up, the boy scout leader who had told us about our campsite, said, 
"Getting an early start?"  I looked back at my watch, then asked him 
what time it was - just to make sure.  It was only 7:30!  Well, we set 
out anyway, my excuse being that it was really 6:40 and I had 
(obviously) looked at the watch wrong.  We only had about 3 miles to 
go, and it was at low tide.  Anne and I were able to walk through the 
Hole In The Wall and got some pictures.  One time, when we stopped to 
rest, Anne dropped my camera and it got sand all in it! Ucky! Oh well,
I did the same thing not too long afterward.  When we got to Rialto 
Beach, I gave my shovel from Yellow Banks to a little kid.  When we 
got to the car, I put some sand in my "dirt bottle" and we stopped by 
the Ranger Station to fill out a trail report.  I must say, we were 
very proud of our accomplishment and talked about what the ranger 
might think now that we'd made it...she didn't think we could, lol.  
On the road, I slept for over an hour.  We stopped by a gas station 
and the McDonalds in Port Angeles again.  The ferry ride seemed very 
short and we saw an orca whale.  We hadn't been able to find our ferry 
schedule, but we made it within a minute of when it was to leave.  
Pretty good, huh?  Anne called from the cell phone to say we were 
almost there.  At home, Anne and I put our saltwater-smelling stuff 
out to dry and did our dishes.  Next, (and certainly persuaded by the 
rest of the family) we took showers.  Then Anne and I went to Video 
Update and rented Stepmom, which we watched later that night.  The 
final day ended, one more trip complete...oh Bertha!

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