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Winwood Kennel has now closed its doors after over 33 yrs. To those dogs we have loved and lost, you will remain in our hearts forever. Thanks for all the beautiful memories guys and girls. To those that have adopted fur babies and adults from us, we thank you for the love and care you have bestowed and continue to bestow on our fur babies. We have made good friends of many of those that have adopted dogs from us and through them friends, made new friends, and value their friendship. Sadly people, we cannot list all the dogs that we have placed and that have passed away over a 33 yr. span. Just know that none of them will ever be forgotten by us as well.

As for us, we enjoy our last remaining female, Ripley aged 10. She exemplifies all those wonderful dogs that came before her and is a constant reminder of how wonderful a GSD can be. She is enjoying being spoiled. :O)

We'd like to mention two very special people who have become dearest friends and whose two very special dogs that are sadly no longer here. Jo-Ann with her best friend and magnificent boy Boen. He was beautiful in both mind and body. Great at snuggles, sticking his face in everything and accepting compliments on how handsome he was. Also, our special friend Marcia, with her best friend and constant companion Gypsy. A joy to behold and even greater joy to live with. Beautiful to look at, smart as they come, AND she could rip out tomato plants with the best. Two very special dogs who exemplified what true German Shepherds should be and who were loved beyond words by two very special people. Thanks ladies for your love and devotion to two of our very best.

We will continue to keep our site up for the valuable information it contains for those that have, or are contemplating adopting a dog in the future.

Carol/Peter/Kristy Kufner


This site is dedicated to our beloved dogs, both past and present.
Their love, devotion, loyalty and companionship have enriched our lives more than any words can say.

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