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Meet    My    Pets!

You wander through the forests of Antara,
off the coast of Minidragon Isle.
The sun is shining and the air smells
like fresh leaves.
Suddenly the path you are on branches into two
and you take the right path.
a minute passes and you reach a rather large stone and wood
building that looks rather welcoming.
The windows are open and the sign above the open door says
'Dragonspire: Healer-Mage and Cyber-Pet Rescue'
You walk in and a woman in a blue/silver dress greets you.

"Welcome!  Would you like a quick tour?"
You wander through the building,
seeing several libraries (each with
different types of books
eg, one for fantasy and science fiction,
one for magic/healing),
Large gardens for flowers, vegetables, and even
a sunflower maze (:P)!
Along the way you see many eyes looking at you from behind
various pieces of furniture, books, doors and even a pair
poking out from beneath Dragonspire's hair!
You ask her about them and she replies:

"These are my adopted web-pets.
They all want to meet you so please
go ahead and visit them!
Some of the rooms are still under re-construction
and there are many, many, many which have not arrived yet,
but please take a look around!

My pets are well fed (although some are picky eaters)!
They each have their own homes in trees, caves, small castles,
or whatever they prefer!

Let me introduce the first three!
The bronze dragon is Coffee.
The fairy's name is Scarlet.
The Last one is a special male
Gold Fyreangel Dragon.
It's name is Joranth!
I won it in the Fyreangel Competition
at Dragonmaid's Sanctuary.

Feel free to visit the pages from which I adopted them.
The links are being posted with their images!"

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