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This is a short bio of me and my art because I needed something to do for this site besides put up gallery pages...which was easy, whereas coming up with the words for a bio can be very awkward!

I have always been art-oriented...or at least since I first held a crayon! Unfortunately, at that time in my life my art was terrible (and I still have some to prove it)! The one thing I was really good at were my dragons.

In case you have not already seen them, there are pages posted with nothing but dragons on them...that is because they are my signature creatures! One day over the course of a summer, a boy named William taught me how to draw some really funky, colourful, and almost dinosaur-like fish. When he went back to Malaysia I kept drawing the fish...but they just were not the same! So in an attempt to make the fish as good as they had been I started changing them. One day they grew longer fins and became flying fish... then their tails grew...then the necks...and finally they had evolved into dragons! In Sept. '97 I finally taught myself to draw scales using a trading card I'd found and, as you can see from Double Infinity (one of my favourite drawings), I can do a pretty good job with what I learned from it!

These days my dragons are just for fun as I now work at perfecting surrealism (the images for those works will be added when I can get them scanned) and learning all forms of computer graphics and animation, including photo manipulation, alien landscape design (I'll teach myself that one), and anything else I get my hands on! When I make more I will be posting pages of my animations...such as the one on the main gallery page (that was my very first animation...both as a gif and as 3D)!

Me at Grad with Friends, 2000

Me in SAC, UVic, 2001

These days my art skills have taken a bit of a turn for the better...I had started using acrylics in painting when I was about 8 or 10 and just this year I have moved to oils! Now I understand why most painters work in oils...they take one heck of a long time to dry but they are much better for working with! I have also started moving into more complex projects such as the giant fan that I made and painted using only measurements from another fan (looks really good too...just does not fold well because the canvas is thick)! Next time I think I will stain the wood will understand why when I post the picture!

Anyway, I also do a little sculpting, although I have not had the chance to do any this year because of my course limits and unless you count making the fan, I doubt I would have had time for any even if I had taken the year, however, I plan to take sculpting to make up for missing it this year.

I also do a little writing and am currently working on a fantasy novel which is on chapter 25 right now and is hopefully close to being done (I've written the epilogue already but I'm not sure how to get there...), although there are still lots of drafts to go through before it's final copy.

As well, I have managed to develop the way I see things to a stage advanced enough that I was not only the first person in my family to master those insane "Magic Eye" pictures (by a few months at that) but that I can picture in my mind what my html codes are doing so that I hardly need to use previews anymore other than for colour matching text to backgrounds! My only problem with html at this point is that it's all Americanized so that things like "colour" are spelled wrong! Since when is "color" a real word? Oh well...not much I can do there!

I was going to put music on this site but until Tripod supports MP3s I am kind of stuck (can't upload them until they - "the staff of Tripod" - change the server to handle the file format!)! So now, as I type this and sip my eggnog, I listen to the music that you are supposed to hear but cannot because I have no way of uploading it...well I sent them an email so we shall see what happens!

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