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Meet   My   Surfs,   Spyaks,   and   Dolems!

These are Surfs, Spyaks and Dolems!

Surfs are placid creatures, quite harmless unless alarmed,
and their streamlined bodies glide effortlessly through the black waters.
Lazily these creature would rather wade in warm water
and feed of the vegetation then attack but if provoked there tails pack a wallop.

Spyaks are one of the most common livestock owned by Blackwater Foresters.
They use them to plow fields, pull carts, and sometimes ride.
Spyaks are very powerful animals and are very reliable workers.
Though they have a very strange apperance the are highly valued
and are often auctioned of at high prices.
They have short, flexible noses and a top horn that protects
there vunerable neck in the wild. Their bushy squirrel like tail
and mane that goes down their backs keeps them warm in the winter.
Their oddly shaped toes allow them to be very steady on there feet

Dolems are commonly used a pack animals and to cross mountains.
The are extremely stupid however and commit group suicides by
running straight off cliffs. The live in nests high atop the
Starstone Mountains so you can imagine how many die each year.
I have adopted several so that at least a few will live safe lives!

They were adopted from Blackwater Adoptions!