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Meet    My    Dragonflies!

These are my pet dragonflies.
They are fun to watch as they dance
in the sunlight and skim over ponds.
My dragonflies love gems so most have chosen the name
of a stone that matches it's colouring in some way.
I once saved a beautiful blue dragonfly and
I have loved them ever since!

I adopted these dragonflies at
Baby Dragonfly Adoption Center!

Amethyst Opal Crystal Emerald Flicker

Limey Amber Citrine Fruity Rosy

Hemat Laven Lapis Avent Carneli

Peaches Sodali Granite Tigey Fire

Jade Creamsi Nightey Throb Skeeter

Desert Dralope Flame Quartz Lander

Mocha Strobe