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Meet    My    Dragonling!

The candidate for the hatchling is Navat'shai
but unfortunately I can't find the picture
I was going to post of her!
It's on a disk somewhere so I'll post it another day.

Here's the dragon's stats:

Candidate's Name: Navat'shai
Dragon's Name: Sorloth
Colour: Red
Gender: Male
Age: 3
Dam: Jesphith
Sire: Alondaloth
Mate: None
Children: None

I have set up Sorloth's cave with
A fire to keep him warm,
A book filled with everything I will need
from stories to tell the hatchling,
to training lessons for everything from flying to music,
and an orb that will change into anything my little
dragonling might want to play with!

He's just hatched but I hope to learn his personality soon!
I will let him adjust to his new surroundings first.

I adopted Sorloth from

This is me as an egg!