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Meet   My   Ferilons!

On the world of Zekira there are many interesting creatures.
Most are native and natural to the planet,
however the colonists who landed more than 10 thousand years ago
brought with them different animals and plants,
adapting both with their considerable knowledge of genetic
engineering to their new environment."

"I have recently begun adopting some of these amazing
creatures from the Ferilon Farm and as my guest I would
like you to meet them!  But first let me tell you
a bit about each!  This information comes directly
from the Ferilon Farm (I do not want to make mistakes
in rephrasing)!"
The Nuris Woodland Tribe:
Oldest of the tribes, found roaming woodlands
that are dense with predators,
the Nuris tribe are the most traditional of
the Ferilons in many ways.
First, they are closest to the "normal"
appearance for Ferilons, with only the regular
chances for mutations. Second,
they are quick to defend their territory
and equally quick to run out those who would
change anything about their tribe.
This includes odd mutations, feather furs,
wings and even sometimes exotic coloration.
Thirdly, the Nuris tribe is the most connected to
Zekirans, and are often trapped for either their
fur or as pets. They may send out upstarts,
if they think they might get removed by Zekiran people!

New Wave (Aquatic Tribe):
Found only in the wettest areas of Tana and Kiran,
namely the H'lan valley on the east of Tana,
and the Defin zone on the edge of Kiran.
They have specially adapted to the wetness by
usually having webbed feet and often scaley skin.
Though it is not normal in other Ferilons to
have many different mutations at once, these tend to.
They are playful and more like earthly otters, 
including being slightly larger, and having more
fat below their skin. They are less aggressive,
but still defend their territory particularly from
other Ferilons, but are not particularly easy to tame
for a pet. They often build dams over smaller streams,
and have their nest sites quite close to water.

Reant Desert Tribe:
In the center of the Wo'ad desert on Kiran,
these Ferilons have found a dry, hot home.
They usually are found in the scrub desert,
though small families have been seen as far
away into the dunes as two hundred miles!
They get water from their habit of eating leaves,
or gobbling it from their kills. They have unusually
long ears, bare tails (not a normal mutation),
and are often colored in lighter shades.
They very rarely have heavy fur. The Reant
tribe is small, both in number and physically,
though they tend to have more offspring at a
time than others. These Ferilons are the least
likely to accept being taken as a pet, they are
almost impossible to train and will try escaping
at every opportunity. They will not do well in anything
less than a warm climate, either.

Fi'Ir Gold Diggers (Mountain Tribe):
In the central mountain range of Tana/Imaa,
a large tribe of mostly-domestic Ferilons exists
within caverns and on the mountain sides.
They are usually shaggy coated, with smaller ears,
and often bushy tails. They have also been known
to have more metallic colors to their fur than most.
They are very friendly, and often even get along with
felines or other domestic pets. However they are
also known as pests, when they are feral: like
the earthly raccoon, they are well able to open
trash bins, get into walls, and make a lot of
noise at night. They are known to nest almost anywhere.
They are also likely to take in strays from other tribes,
but only with special circumstances, and only
when the Ferilon in question is able to fend
for themself in the territory. Many of the Fi'ir
tribe were released from fur farms by accident
when an Animal Master's estate was divested.
They should have been sold off, but were released instead.

Plains Tribes of Tomi and Kui:
 Loudest and most aggressive of the Ferilons,
but also the brightest in color and attitude,
the plains tribes are found in both Kiran and Tana,
and support vast numbers of their kind.
They are wild at heart, and cannot be tamed,
not even to the extent that the desert Ferilons can.
The plains tribes are the most varied in appearance as well,
with many flashy mutations and strange colors.
That is not to say there are not huge numbers
of normal looking ones, but they almost
all sport hidden genes. They live in grasslands
and are often more acrobatic about standing on
their hind legs or reaching for things, and have
slightly longer legs because of these habits.
The grasses support every kind of prey animal
and insect known, so these Ferilons often gorge
themselves and then lounge about in the sun.
They are rarely preyed upon by larger predators,
but they are frequently hunted by Zekirans.

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