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Welcome   to   My   Guest   Gallery!

This is a gallery meant to add
a touch of outside creativity
to this site!  Any artists who
wish to have their art posted
may contact me via email or through
the soon-to-be created messenger
(similar to ICQ - I hope to have
it soon).  I will also, when I learn
more programing, be creating a type
of guestbook that will allow
visitors to doodle messages as
well as leaving text (this will
take much time however so do
not expect its creation soon).

For those who only want to
display one or two pictures
of their work I will put those
together on collective pages.
Those who would like me to
display multiple pieces of
their work (4 or more), I
will create individual pages
for them.  I hope this idea
is a success and maybe more
artists will be discovered in
the world.

Mobyn's Art

Darian's Art