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Meet   My   Holiday   Pixies!

You glance around at all the adopted pets in the room.
Suddenly you hear music coming from behind you.
There's laughter and singing too.
You ask Dragonspire about it.

"Oh, that's just my holiday pixies throwing another party.
To them everyday is a holiday somewhere,
so they just keep on having a good time!
My minidragon called Party Sireth has learned much from
those pixies!  Would you like to meet them?"

She leads you to a large room where many pixies seem to be
fluttering around and having a blast.
You notice there's one for Canada Day (yay!),
the one for the Chinese New Year is dancing with a paper dragon,
and the Mardi Gras pixie is singing along to the music.

These pixies were adopted from
The Enchanted Hollow!