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Meet   Locator   Gathim!

I've just adopted this little dragonling!
Here's his stats:

Owner's Name: Dragonspire
Dragon's Name: Locator Gathim
Colour: Yellow and Orange
Gender: Male
Age: 3 cycles
Dam: Sandcomber Calima
Sire: Tow Blanor
Species: Merdragon
Origin: Minidragon Isle
Mate: None
Mate's Bond: None
Mate's URL: None
Children: None

As a Locator merdragon Locator Gathim can
locate the largest schools of any fish I want.
His type are often sought after by fishers
for this very reason but I am not a fisher.
I will train him in his abilites though,
You never know when a Locator merdragon might be needed!

These are great little dragons...the link to where I got mine is on the main page!