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Meet    My    Lunar    Dragons!

These are my lunar dragons!
I know they look like cats with wings,
but they are really just a feline-like breed of dragons!

The first one, Keethcha, is just a hatchling so please be careful with her!
Korai, like me, is short-sighted so he got himself a pair of glasses.
Romachi is a sun-loving dragon...doesn't she look good in shades?
Poor Scorpia didn't sleep last night so please don't wake her up!
Gothri, the upside-down dragon, loves to hang and drop down onto
unsuspecting human heads!
The next one, Firseth, is quick in flight and
chases after everything that moves.
Shandri, the dark one, is a mysterious hunter
and she's the most graceful of the lunar dragons.
Tirja is a playful young dragon who loves chasing
after string (or the feet of anyone who passes by)!
Cheema is my little dragon-mage!
Her dragonfly wings are beautiful aren't they?
Pimaru is a fast little guy
(he has to be...he's a storm chaser!)
The next one is Karmeth - Pimaru's sister.
She's also a storm chaser but she chases
emotional storms (maybe that's why she doesn't look happy)!
The little one after her is Romar.
He's just a hatchling so his wings are still bigger than he is!
Bothari is a stubborn one,
especially when it comes to avoiding dish-washing duties!
Churlu is Cheema's brother and he
was a mage but now he's gone a little loopy!
Penzar can use both eyes but he thinks he's
a pirate so he likes to wear an eyepatch.
I'm just glad he doesn't carry a sword around!
Finally, there's Rothli!
She's the most musical of the group and loves singing!

Aren't they a cute bunch of dragons?