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Meet   Mystik!

Lyris' CareTaker: Dragonspire
Lyris' Name: Mystik
Lyris' Age: 3
Lyris' Gender: Female
Lyris' Type: Purple
Adopted From:
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Mystik, as a Purple Lyris, has good social skills,
which I would like to learn from as
I am not the most talkative of people.
She can bind the pack together in bad times
and that is a good ability to have because all packs
go through hard times.
Her kind of Lyris are particularly shy towards humans
and will bond with only 1 person
so I consider myself very lucky.
She could have been male or female but I chose female,
and she is better suited to pack life than being by herself
so I will simply adopt another couple for her to be with!
For now I will play with her and help her learn her abilities.

Mystik as a subadult

Mystik as a cub

Mystik as an egg