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Meet   My   Beautiful   Minidragons!

As you walk through Dragonspire's home,
you glance at her and notice that there are
minidragons clining to her arms, shoulders, and even her hair.
She stops introducing her pets and smiles.

She sees you glancing and the mini that's sticking it's
head out from under her hair.

"These are my Minidragons and that little imp is Akran!
He's a little shy but if you stay long enough
you might get to feed him!  He sometimes allows visitors
to feed him.  Don't count on petting him though!
If you like, stop by Minidragon Isle on your way home!
They often have clutches of eggs and you can get your
own minidragon there!"

You follow her as she talks and you find yourself walking down a
tunnel into an undergrown passageway where she points out the caves
for each minidragon.

"Stay as long as you like, and don't forget to stop by the Isle or
visit my other adopted pets!  Many of them aren't here yet,
but do come back and see them once they have arrived!
My door is always open!"

Meet My Minidragons

Burgandy Derima: She was once abandoned and now lives happily with my other minis!
Animal Akran: He was abandoned and now he's safe!
Ferisyth: She's a beautiful gray mini!
Silver Mareli: She shines in the sun - see for yourself!
Party Sireth: This one's a real fun mini!
Dream Jarna: Having trouble understanding dreams? Talk to Jarna!
Ecliptar: A real night owl!
Fisher Neora: Another saved mini who's a great fisher!
Gray Smudge: She's great with mists but needs practice hunting!
Gray Lace: My first minidragon, the best hunter, and she even watches over the other minis!
Scholar Zirca: She helps me catalog my healing techniques!
Animal Ticari: Animal Akran is teaching her!
Black Rikem: He's a great Empath!
Burgandy Gimset: He's a great rune user!
Brown Fyre: Since I tend to bury things she's a great help!
Tan Mykle: A rescued minidragon who loves making glass sculptures!
Healer Andola: She helps with my healing work!
Gray Riani: She's learning to be a hunter just like Gray Lace!
Fisher Reamun: Come and watch him fish!
Peacekeeper Kethrei: She's now an expert law keeper!
Burgandy Farli: She's almost as good with runes as Burgandy Gimset!
Scholar Urimet: He's my new Scholar and records my various patients!
Weather Cazimet: He helps keep Antara sunnt for my patients!
Silver Jeniketh: He's my new Silver and is learning from Mareli!
Burgandy Vetozi: She's my new Burgandy and I've just started training her!
Burgandy Promok: He's my new Burgandy!
Peacekeeper Wilemia: She's my new peacekeeper!

Minidragon Isle

This is where my minidragons came from and where you can adopt your own!