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Meet    My    Oriental    Dragons!

Here's more of my dragons!
These ones are from the Orient!
After visiting Japan in 1997 I felt I had to adopt
some dragons from that part of the world!
The first four are regular oriental dragons,
with the next four being a little more magical.
Then there's four elementals,
followed by four even more powerful elementals!

The first one is Burmith,
Then there is Lorami,
Kirasho is third,
Then comes Mira.
These four are followed by
and then Mystik.
The elementals are
Torch (Fire),
Sunset (Air),
Rockgarden (Earth),
and Pastelsea (Water).
The more powerful elementals are
Firebrand (Fire),
Searaker (Water),
Groundwalker (Earth)
and finally, Dawncloud (Air)!
The last few dragons are
Pekoe and Siam,
Wikaru and Nokarito,
Vime and Sotumi,
and Miko.

I adopted these oriental dragons from
Dragon's Lair!
The link is dead unfortunately and there
was no notice of the site having moved.
Feel free to adopt them off me instead!