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Monthly Feature         July 2003
 Late in the summer of 1943, billboards, banners, flyers and newspapers
announced new White Rose Savit Service . Based on maintaining and
conserving customers vehicles to aid in the war effort, two new products
were introduced at the same time: White Rose Solv and White Rose Tune.
Once the crankcase was drained of the used oil, an equal amount plus
two quarts of White Rose Solv was poured into the crankcase and
 the motor was run at idle for  30 to 45 minutes.
Formulated to clean the upper portions of internal combustion engines,
 White Rose Savit Service recommended pouring "TUNE" directly into the
   carburetor with the engine running at idle or by removing the sparkplugs.
Later, "Tune" could be added directly to the gas tank to keep your motor clean.
Finally, the crankcase was re-filled with White Rose Motor Oil .
It was recommended this oil be changed after 250 miles .
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