Herbalism and Natural Medicine

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Cover Shot - paperback editionThe Herb Book - Trade Paperback © copyright 1983 by John B. Lust (Editor)  Published by Bantam Books; ISBN: 0553267701 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.20 x 6.88 x 4.16

The most complete catalog of nature's "miracle plants" ever published, this book is a "must have" for anyone interested in herbalism.

Soothe your nerves, cure your cough, color your fabrics, perfume your bath, stimulate your lover, spice your sauces, stop your nightmares, freshen your breath -- or just learn anything you wanted to know about just about any Western herbs...

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Cover Shot  - Click to view the order page for this book.Today's Herbal Health, 2nd Edition © copyright 1983 by Louise Tenney. Published by Woodland Heath Books, P.O. Box 1422, Provo, Utah. ISBN 0-913923-15-X (SoftBound) or 0-913923-68-0 (SpiralBound)

This is one of the most useful reference texts I have found for anyone serious about managing and improving their own health through the use of beneficial herbs.  Included are sections on standard herbal medicine dosage types, a staple selection of medicinal herbs with their uses, a collection of herbal combination formulae for use in addressing common health problems, and a highly useful section on herbal and nutritional first aid for common minor ailments.

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Cover Shot - Click to view the order page for this book.Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year (Wise Woman Herbal Series : No. 1) © copyright 1985 by Susun S. Weed, and Janice Novet. Published by Ash Tree Pub; ISBN: 0961462000

Every fertile woman should own a copy of this book.  This is the gift to give a pubescent girl, a young woman approaching sexuality for the first time, a pregnant woman, or a new mother.

Everything conceivably (sorry!) related to fertility is covered, including Fertility Promoters (for the infertile), Herbal Birth Control (for those who wish to be temporarily infertile), teratogens (substances which can cause mutation and harm to the developing embryo or fetus), the complaints of pregnancy and what to do for them, the issues of childbirth, nursing, post-natal and infant care, and of course how to use and prepare the herbs recommended.  There are also Appendices on herbal sources of vitamins and minerals, as well.

One of the most valuable elements in the book is the chapter on fertility and herbal birth control.  Many women do not know that vitamin C can be used as a "morning after pill" to prevent implantation, or that the herb basil can bring on contractions, and even miscarriage, if taken in excess during pregnancy.  Whether you are seeking to avoid any risk to your pregnancy, or any risk of pregnancy, this book offers basic, vital, safe and reliable information that can change your life.

If you are seeking to have a totally natural pregnancy, turn to this book first when addressing any discomfort.   Note:  any change of diet, or medication, including herbal medicine, during pregnancy, should be discussed in detail with your medical care provider to ensure your safety, and that of your developing child.  The informed mother, or supportive partner, can use this book to know what questions to ask, and what remedies may be available, conferring increased confidence and peace of mind.

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