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Cover Shot - Click here to order Kything, The Art of Spiritual Presence from Amazon.comKything:  The Art of Spiritual Presence - Paperback © copyright January 1989 by Louis M. Savary, Patricia H. Berne.  Published by Paulist Press; ISBN: 0809130114

I've had a strong interest in this subject since I first encountered the term as a child, in "A Wind in the Door" by Madeline l'Engle;  when I saw this book while browsing, I couldn't resist listing it here, in the hopes that someone who shares my interest will review it for me, or appreciate it.

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Cover Shot - Click here to order Real Magic: An Introductory Treatise on the Basic Principles of Yellow Magic from Amazon.comReal Magic: An Introductory Treatise on the Basic Principles of Yellow Magic - Paperback © copyright October 1989 by Isaac Bonewits.  Published by Samuel Weiser; ISBN: 0877286884

If you have any interest in the occult, either practical or skeptical, you should get ahold of Real Magic. It examines every category of occult phenomena, from ESP to Eastern rituals, and explores the basic laws of magic, relating them to already established laws of nature. With wry humor and delightful irreverence, Bonewits brings magic out of the Dark Ages and into the Computer Age in a unique and spellbinding investigation that will intrigue believers and no-believers alike.

The author, Isaac Bonewits , November 22, 1999  I originally wrote this book for absolute beginners in the occult and it has been used as a starter text by Neopagan and other Aquarian Age teachers for over twenty-five years (the one in print is the 1989 edition). It contains an extensive annotated bibliography of useful (and lousy!) books in the field, as well as my "Cult Danger Evaluation Frame" -- my most widely reprinted work.

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Cover Shot - Click here to order Complete Magic Primer from Amazon.comComplete Magic Primer - Paperback © copyright July 1992 by David Conway.  Published by Thorsons Pub; ISBN: 1855381745

This book is a veritable treasure chest containing a wealth of information in the theory and practice of the art of magic. It is packed with information on occult techniques ranging from performing rituals to astral projection to amulets and talismans. It's an excellent introduction to magic for a beginner and contains information that will be new to current practitioners.

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Cover Shot - Click here to order Psychic Self Defense from Amazon.comPsychic Self Defense - Paperback © copyright April 1992 by Dion Fortune.  Published by Samuel Weiser; ISBN: 0877283818

This book is an excellent source book for any student of the occult. Written for a layperson of Dion's time(c. 1930), Psychic Self Defence opens an interesting window on the mind set of an occultist of that era. It contains useful information on topics such as psychic attack, hauntings, psychic vampirism and astral projection.

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