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Cover Shot - click to purchase from"Chi Kung for Health and Vitality - A Practical Approach to the Art of Energy" - Paperback ­ 224 pages © copyright August 1997  by Master Wong Kiew Kit.  Element Press; ISBN: 1852309547

This is an excellent introductory text on Chi Kung, allowing the utter beginner to begin to understand the principles of Chinese Energy Work, and to reap the benefits to health and vitality that are readily available to even the novice practicioner.

To any student of Qigong, or any person suffering from chronic pain or health problems, who is interested in a form of exercise they can actually perform no matter how limited their mobility, muscle, or stamina, I could not do better than to recommend this book.

The beginning student of this art would be hard-pressed to find a more useful investment than this illuminating work which guides the reader step by step through the study and practise of Chi Kung, though Master Kit repeatedly advises the student to find a Master to work with them directly.

Working under the supervision of an experienced Qigong  (or Chi Kung) instructor can allow the student to progress much more rapidly and on a much firmer foundation, secure in the knowledge that they are not introducing unnoticed imperfections into their practise of Qigong, through lack of knowledge or the ability to view their own movements freely.  As Qigong encompasses the distilled teachings of well over 6 millenia of lifetime practicioners and students of the art and science of Qi, it would be difficult for the beginner to alter the exercises and practices of Qigong in a way that would yield them more benefit than the original, unaltered exercise or practise would have done, and the extreme likelyhood is that alterations and imperfections, though self-correcting over a long period as the Qi moves more freely in the body, and heals the natural pathways, would only create problems, or at best reduce the effectiveness of the exercise or practise being so unintentionally altered.

Master Kit recognizes this, but also recognizes that the beginner or student of Qigong may desire more information about the Art, Science, and theory of Qigong, as well as its proven track record of benefits, before paying the often nominal fee for group instruction in Qigong, or the usually somewhat higher, unshared rate, for the Master or one of his best students to give individual instruction.  Or a Master may be unavailable in the area to which the would-be student of Qigong has access.

Books are easier to bring to remote regions than are people, and so he offers instruction in a simple, understandable format with plenty of illustrations, diagramming and walking the student through the individual exercises, including in each the movement, breath control or movement, and visualization that combine to bring the elements of Jing, Qi and Shen into harmony for optimal benefit from each "Chi Kung pattern".

Exercises included are 10 dynamic Chi Kung patterns, taken from the most fundamental exercises and each common to many different schools of Chi Kung;  as well as Induced Chi Flow, or Self-Manifested Chi Movement, also known as Dynamic-Quiescent Chi Kung, and Abdominal Breathing, and Meditation, considered forms of Quiescent Chi Kung.

The book is accessible to even the most disabled individual, able to control no more than his breath and his thoughts, offering hope of the benefits of Qigong practise even to the bedridden and the paralyzed.

Although this book is aimed at the person desiring more practical instruction, and an approach oriented toward maximizing the health benefits of Qigong, Master Kit does not neglect to inform the reader of the history of Qigong, as well as sharing many anecdotal cases of Qigong therapy effecting cures "unexplainable" by the Western medical community.

Attention pagans, Wiccans, witches, and other students of magic(k), metaphysics, and energy work.

One section of the book explores the commonalities to be found in the comparitive teachings of a wide range of international traditions of energy work, including gentle dance-like movement, breath control, and visualisation.

This section may be of particular value to the pagan or Wiccan or witch reader, as it gives the reader a more thorough understanding of the way in which the energy of the breath may be raised and directed. This cannot help but give anyone interacting regularly with the energy of Nature a better understanding of that interaction, and how to benefit from and take part in the ongoing universal energy exchange that is the universal biosphere.

Each moment of each day, each plant and animal takes in the energy of the sun and the stars, and radiates it back out into the universe in the form of the heat of life, and the heat of decomposition when our bodies return to the soil of this planet.  Just as we are part of the living body of the Earth our mother, so too are we living parts of the energy exchange that exists on a cosmic scale, the life of the universe itself.

Through study or innate understanding of the art and science of the great dance of energy that spirals into form for a time in each living being, we can better feel and experience the energy flow as it spirals into and back out of our own beings. By so doing, we can thereby consciously take part in maximizing our own participation in the joy of a healthy ecosystem composed of healthy flowing energy through healthy individual lives.

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Cover Shot - click to purchase from"The Way of Qigong : The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing" ­ Hardcover ­ 428 pages 1 Ed edition © copyright April 1997  by Kenneth S. Cohen.  Ballantine Books (Trd); ISBN: 0345395298

Cover Shot - click to purchase from"The Way of Qigong : The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing" ­ Paperback ­ 448 pages 1st Trade edition © copyright March 1999  by Kenneth S. Cohen.  Ballantine Books (Trd Pap); ISBN: 0345421094

Cover Shot - click to purchase from"The Way of Qigong : The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing [ABRIDGED]" ­ Audio Cassette © copyright November 1997  by Kenneth S. Cohen.  Audio Renaissance; ISBN: 1559274646

This in-depth account of the principles, history, methods, and techniques of Qigong (Chi Kung), the Art and Science of Chinese Energy, is destined to be a well-thumbed reference text on the shelf, bedside table, or perhaps office desk, of anyone seriously interested in the human body, and the energy that constitutes life.

Included are a wide variety of individual exercises, as well as in-depth exploration of the principles of Chinese philosophy that underlie their medical science and metaphysical views of life, the universe, and everything.  The student who avails hirself of this resource will be much better equipped to reap the full benefits of the most basic qigong exercises, and to gain the greater understanding necessary to a serious pursuit of qigong as a method of healing both self and others.

The author provides extensive research and statistics to back the claims of phenomenal success that surround the recommendations of qigong by medical practicioners and enthusiastic lay persons alike. Accounts of the ongoing use of qigong as an adjunct to treatment in nearly all cases of cancer in certain Chinese hospitals are among the impressive testimonials to the effectiveness of qigong in its many forms.

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