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Chemical Sensitivity

All about the problems that can be caused by exposure to man-made chemicals.  Includes information on chemical sensitivity and chemical injury, and related health problems including allergies, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, mood disorders and panic attacks.

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The Nontoxic Home

How to make your home a haven of safety in a world laden with chemical contamination.  Includes information on nontoxic ways to build and clean your home, substances that should never be used in the home, or around people, and other elements of a chemical-free approach to daily life.

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Natural Medicine

One of the most invasive areas of chemical exposure in our daily lives is through modern medicine.  In these pages, you can find information about safe, natural alternatives to man-made chemical substances.  Natural medicine tends to be oriented toward "Health Care" - caring for your health full-time, rather than waiting for problems to arise, then intervening with methods that tend to be harsh on the body.

Please note that these pages are in no way intended to diagnose, treat, or replace proper care by a licensed health care professional.

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Natural Childbirth and Rearing

The Western world has become so preoccupied with its new chemical and mechanical tools that it tends to use them to solve problems that don't need it.  Childbirth is one of the areas that has suffered from an excessive degree of intervention, causing what many consider to be needless distress and complication to new mothers and their offspring.

Natural childbirth provides an alternative that is appealing to increasing numbers of Western mothers, while many societies have never abandoned it.  In these pages, you can find information about natural childbirth, and my personal experience with it and the benefits it offers to new mothers and their babies.  I have attempted to address myths about natural childbirth, offering factual information about its risks and benefits.  I cannot recommend it strongly enough, and it is NOT inherently painful.

Once you have had a natural baby, how do you keep that child happy, healthy, and chemical-free?  In these pages I will be sharing my experiences and knowledge of safe, natural childrearing in a nontoxic home.

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