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Gather on the Grass
Weeping Willow with Fire

Willow Firesong's
Pagan Marketplace

Members of all races, colors, and creeds are welcome here, as long as they remain respectful toward the beliefs of others, and the pagan orientation that is common among the visitors to these pages.

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Pagan Marketplace
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Willow Firesong is an affiliate of in order to make it easier to find any books and music recommended on this site.

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I offer my visitors as many shopping options as I have found for those items we all may love.  I intended to join Barnes & Noble, in order to provide more options to my visitors, but found that their policy prohibits any affiliate of theirs from joining in an affiliate partnership with any other site.  Since this would mean I could not bring you, the visitor, as many options as I can find, I opted not to join with Barnes & Noble, and will instead be adding other sources as I find them for your shopping ease and pleasure.

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