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"Every Witch's Shame"

by Ellen Reed

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Verse 1:

As I've served the Goddess over all these years,
Many were the questions coming to my ears.
I'll share them with you.  Listen, if you please.
Tell me how you'd answer these.

Verse 2:

My High Priest and Priestess tell me I will gain
Spiritual expansion best when I'm in pain.
That I will learn best when beaten black and blue.
Tell me, tell me, is it true?


No, no, no! This is not the Wiccan way.
Though some will condemn me for what I have to say,
That such things are done in the Lord and Lady's name
Are not to their Glory, but every witches' shame.

Verse 3:

My High Priestess tells me if I want to learn
She should have my paycheck-everything I earn.
That I must go hungry if I want to grow.
Tell me, tell me, is it so?


Verse 4:

Last night in our circle, my High Priest stripped me bare,
Threw me to the ground and raped me right then and there.
He said 'twas the God, not the man who ravished me.
Tell me, tell me, can it be:


Verse 5:

If you heard the questions that you know I hear,
Would you say "Forget it. I can't interfere,"
And let these abusers profane our sacred way,
Or will you stand with me and say,


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