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"The I Am of the Ages"

by Willow Firesong

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I am Youth.
I am the Child of the Earth;
Son I am, and Daughter.
I am the Laughter of the Earth,
and the Smile of a Sunny Day.
I am the rising sap of Springtime,
the freshness of the flowers,
the dewdrop in the morning,
And the first rain-softened breezes of spring.
I am the tangerine sky of a new Dawn.
I am the sparkle in the eye of a young man,
and the softness of the smile of his bride when first they meet.
I am the words unspoken within the heart,
The song of life in the soul,
The meaning within the mind.

I am Passion.
I am the spark in young lovers' eyes
that sets fire to the candles at the altar of their wedding.
I am the heated flush that rises in face and breast at sight of Love
and the melting warmth that softens looks and limbs
into the quiver of a heat shimmer on a summer's day.
I am the fire of heart and loin that sparks new life
and calls new souls from the depths of timeless chaos into form.
I am the fires of the Sun, turning winter into a meaningless memory
when lovers come together.
I am the bright and all-consuming blaze of heated action,
burning the world before my desires.

I am the flowing wisdom of maturity,
Surging and ebbing at the pull of the Moon.
I am the dark sea of the human soul
The rain of insight,
the burbling streams of laughter between two souls in harmony.
I am the reflecting pool that shows us the true face of the soul within the self,
and the stormcloud of thundering anger
brought about by the clash between the hot air of bluster and the icy cutting wind of clarity.
I am the Tide of Life within the blood of each creature that moves,
the drip within the waterclock inexorably measuring the turning Wheel of Time.
I am the wisdom of the waning Moon still pulling the tides
without pause or praise or pity.

I am the dark night that begins and ends each day,
The cold end to the day or year,
the crystallized kernel of wisdom coalesced and refined.
I am the sharp and sparkling diamond edge of stardust
cast across the Wheel of endless night,
the swirling storms of chaos.
I am the core revealed by the cruel parings of uncaring time
the age that reveals our relative youth in the space of time to be.
I am the cold-keen honed edge of experience,
cutting away the irrelevancies to see to the lessons learned,
language and meaning an open book writ by the pen of life fully lived.
I am the clear eye of vision from the pinnacle of years.
I am the bones left behind by time,
the seed that survives the centuries to bring new life again.

And then, once more, I am Youth.

I am You.

I am the circle of the ages.

I am all that is.

I am.

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