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"Lady of Ice and Lord of Fire"

by Willow Firesong

© 1988

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Lady with hair like sun on ice,
Lord of fire and fur
Beauty as rare as Egyptian spice
Scented with amber and myrrh

Lady with skin gleaming pale as milk
And hair that is glistening gold
Shimmering starlight in satin and silk
And ermine to keep her from cold

Lord who is dark as a moonless night
Red glowing with fire and flame
Holding the land with the strength of his might
Yet honor the sound of his name

Lord who is wolf of the Northern night
Now here before us does stand
Beside him his lady of crystalline light
Fit monarchs to govern the land

­ Rondel Linder
­ 1988
­ for the coronation of "Thorin" and "Angharad" (also known as "the ice princess" ­ they were fire and ice together, a match of opposites.)

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