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by Willow Firesong

© 1999

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I wept for the man who had no shoes,
Until I met a man who had no feet;
But 'tis true when you're hungry 'tis no comfort to know
That you would die faster had you nothing to eat.

The blind man does not mourn the rainbow's loss;
The new blind man will notice its lack,
But the sighted man has no care for the cost
He would sell his soul to buy the vision back.

The nude man cares not for the cut of his clothes
Nor the one who has never lacked aught
The man with the coat pulled clear up to his nose
Cares for naught save the cold he has caught.
But the woman whose soul is worn bare as her blouse
Whom society threshes as chaff
Does not have the courage to e'er leave the house
For fear of society's laugh.

(c) 1989

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