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SiFu Leung's Pictures!

SiFu Leung with Butterfly Knives SiFu Duncan Leung SiFu Duncan Leung Duncan Leung and Dan Inosanto Thanks to Ron Antolin for this artwork
Another Picture with Knives SiFu and David Paaaina in a lighthearted moment SiFu Leung and Master Ron Van Clief (circe 1975) SiFu directing a movie (circe 1975) SiFu at the Police Academy
SiFu and the Virginia Beach Swat Team SiFu Leung at an early school SiFu's Signature SiFu Leung with Butterfly Knives The Wing Chun Family in Virginia Beach
Video 4 Video 4 Video 4 Video 4 Video 4

Yip Man Pics!

A Tribute Photo to Grandmaster Yip Man A Tribute Photo to Grandmaster Yip Man A Tribute Photo to Grandmaster Yip Man A Tribute Photo to Grandmaster Yip Man Shaolin Monastery

Wing Chun School, Virginia Beach

SiFu Leung with a student and a Kickboxing Champion Stop the kick Reach the punch Virginia Beach School SiFu Leung with SiFu Lo Man Kam

Wing Chun Assistant Instructors!

The Master Analyses Gorden Lo and Larry Saccoia Gorden Lo (Son of Lo Man Kam) at the Wooden Man Getting Down to Basics with Students More Student Direction
Gorden with his Father, SiFu Lo Man Kam (Yip Man's nephew) Gorden Lo and the Wooden Man Demonstrates Excellent Form in Berlin Another Form Study There is something about Berlin rooftops!

Disciples and Students

Sifu giving Instructions to New Disciple Larry Saccoia as Disciple H.K. Lee Witnesses Sifu and Disciple A Proud Moment Disciple Jerry Gardner Steven Leung from New York City
Sifu demonstrates a principle to Student Pam Ropero Sifu effects move with Pam Ropero Sifu Leung and New Disciple Larry Saccoia with Disciple H.K. Lee Sifu counters against Jim Shields (early 70's student) Sifu strikes after the counter!

New York School & Students!

Sifu Leung in front of the 3 Great Jones Street, New York School Madison Square Garden 1974-1975 Steven Leung Carol Dudek, Agnes Chan and Steven Leung SiFu Leung and Joe Musse


A seminar in Germany Switzerland students training in Virginia Athens, Greece Another seminar in Switzerland A Group from Richmond, Virginia
Sifu Demonstrates during Richmond seminar Another Seminar Joe Musse and Angel Mercado The Buddhist Monastery in Katmandu, Nepal Nun Teaching Chi Sau
Assistant at Work Nuns practicing Nuns practicing Nuns practicing Sifu Leung with a Nun

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