For   Tammo

A great tragedy once least fer me. My Monster Rancher 2 game, which I was up ta year 1017, had at least 4 monsters up ta A-Class, over 30000 dollars, and was able ta get Worms, Galis, Mews, Hengers, and Phoenixs...
I don't mind most of those, but da BIG problem is that I REALLY cared about my special four.
One of them was Stimpy, my most recent. He was a Happy Mask. Stimpy was quite smart, but also short-lived, living to be only 2 and 1/2 years.
Before that came Evangelion, a very well rounded Renocraft. The Arrowhead/ Henger was smart, skilled, strong, and was good in everything. He was also long-lived, living almost to be 4 years old.
Before Evangelion came Quex, my Phoenix. Pure bred and well trained, my Phoenix was powerful and deadly. Smart as a super-computer, quick as the wind, skilled as a...thing that's really skilled, Quex was a wonderful Monster... and he was found because of my very first monster. A simple monster named....Tammo.

Tammo was a Rocky Fur, a Hare/Golem. I personally am a Pixie trainer, but I liked Tammo da moment I saw him. He entered into the Ima-Fimba Tournament and won by a slim margin of .5% hit advantage. Tammo earned me all the monsters I could get. Tammo found the phoenix feather, even though he wasn't very smart, the one artifact he came back was was the feather. Tammo became exceptionally strong and quick, light and able. Tammo was my favorite. He was injured a few times on Errantry but I never thought it would cause any problems. Then Coltia told me that Tammo was getting old. And I had to freeze him.
And now my lovely TAMMO IS GONE! ::sniffs:: Well, let this small memorial stand for him...

For Tammo. Yer Memory Will Live Ferever.

Started a new game and got myself another Rocky Hare named Tammo, and he did his predecessor proud, lemme tell yas. ^_^
Tammo II managed ta get me ta S class and even beat one of da Major Four Tournaments! He's amazingly strong and dependable, and he lived ta be over five years old! He, much like his predecessor, also got my a phoenix. ^_^ I'll never get tired of Rocky Hares.
Tammo II is too old now ta fight in another Major 4 (altho he can win, I've done it, he just dies afterwards) and is now frozen, waitin fer another monster ta come and give him a golden peach or something. ^_^ God, I love Tammo. He never disappoints me.