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Khazanah Dari Rimba Malaysia
Medicinal Chest from The Malaysian Rainforest
Tongkat Ali 
Eurycoma longifolia 

This plant has been extensively research for a variety of medicinal uses. The slender, red-stemmed shrub is found widely in the forest. Often growing as a single-stemmed plant whiout any branches, the Tongkat Ali can reach up to 15 feet in height. The roots of the Tongkat Ali, when mixed with the oil of Buah Keras (a local spice), and raw rice, serve as an ointment to ease abdominal pain and fever. Often the roots are boiled and administered as a tonic to women after childbirth. The leaves are used to treat cuts and head wounds and pound into a paste, can relieve headaches. Even the bark of the Tongkat Ali root can be brewed and consumed like a tea to bring down a high fever. Tongkat Ali is probably best known as an aphriodisiac.

Kacip Fatimah 
Labisia pumila 

This small woody plant that can be found widely in the forest. A decoction made from boiling the plant in water, is given to women in labour to hasten delivery of thier babies. After childbirth, it may still be consumed by mothers to regain their strength. In other medicinal preparations, it can treat gonorrhoea, dysentery and eliminate excessive gas in the body.

Datura metel 

Its pretty flowers and seeds have prompted villagers to cultivate it in their gardens. The leaves and flowers of kecubong may be used to treat rheumatism. By pounding them with shallots and ginger, the paste may be applied to affected parts of the body. The leaves are also known to relieve pain from bruises, boils and sores. Care should be taken, however, as the fruit ia poisonous.

Setawar Hutan 
Costus globosus 

It is slender plant belonging to the ginger plan family. Growing to height of 6 - 8 feet, the plant is used primarily to bring down a high fever.  The leaves can be ground into a paste and applied directly to the forehead. Another method is to slice the young stems, steep them overnight in hot water and drink the infusion the following day.

Tepus Tanah 
Zingiber spectabile 

It is a member of ginger plant family. Growing to a height of 7 feet, it has beautiful stiff yellow flowers that turn scarlet when in full bloom. however, only its leaves are used in the preparation of traditional medicine. These are pound into paste and applied on the body to bring down swellings. An infusion of leaves is used to bhate inflamed eyelids.

Homalomena sagittifolia 

It is an aromatic forest herb. Its flowers can be found hidden below the leaves at the base of the plant. The roots and leaves of the Kemoyang are boiled in water and resulting brew is consumed to reduce a high fever. A paste, made by pounding the shoots, may be applied to ease the discomfort from distended stomachs. In the village, the leaves are wrapped around heated stones to massage the abdomen of women just after childbirth. This is believed to hasten the contraction of the womb and revilise blood circulation.

Mengkeh atau Cerit Budak 
Croton argyratus 

This tree growing 10 - 40 feet tall, the bark of the tree is scaly and its leaves are thin and elliptic. A decoction made by boiling the leaves and stems may be consumed to halt diarrhoea. It is also drunk by women in villages as a health supplement after childbirth.

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