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In Memorium

Ginger Pierce Davis


There Is a Trick to This Breathing

There is a catch to it, 
snagging where the ribs meet, 
stealing the voice 
when I speak, unthinking.

There is a reminder.

Air is liquid upon waking. 
A moment after nightmares, 
before I remember to swim.

The rhythm of in and exhalation 
must be forced steady. 
It must remind confused valves 
that blood pumps faster 
when we run 
and should not trip 
or forget so.

Eating, sleeping, breathing, beating, 
in borrowed skin are often forgotten.

This body decides 
when it will bleed, fall, scar, shake. 
It flicks the channels, 
the volume of senses and reaction. 
I follow focus through blurred eyes. 
I medicate, meditate, mediate. 
I make the lips smile, 
part, and tell you 

"I'm alright."

copyright 1997 Ginger Pierce Davis

Links that lead to Ginger:

Please be sure to visit Ginger's website (it's best to go to the mirror site on Darby's Memorial Site as it has updates the other does not) and look at her bio and her writings. She also helped to create the Death and Delirium sites. Her guestbook has messages about her death in it as well. I am working on getting the information on where she is buried and such. If the site moves you, please leave your thoughts behind in the guestbook helps to read what others write and is beneficial to those of us who knew her.

Thank You For Helping to Keep Ginger's Memory Alive!

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