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The Welcoming Room

Let's meet our welcoming committee:

  • Official Welcome Wagon Lady: Lady Zairee
  • Official Welcome Wagon Man: Robert
  • Official List POKEr: Lucien Desar
  • Official Chain Poker: Saint
    Members of the Welcoming Flog Committee:
  • Sin and Death
  • Kevin
  • Seth
  • Let's take a look at our surroundings now, courtesy of Seth:

    The building itself looks like the Jefferson memorial. Only smaller, the only windows are in the front of the building. There is only one way in and out, through the front door.

    Once inside there is a large oak table with many flowers and assorted items. Around the room there are many free standing candle holders. The room is very pretty. Large gothic style windows. The floor has a blue green tile on it. There is a sky light for a roof, with a large Raven in stained glass. Directly in front of the main door this is a large oak door, with many locks on it.

    Once inside the second room, where all newbies are brought, the room is painted black. There are what looks like soundproof walls. Along the walls are shackles, chains, and other restraint devices. In the center of the room is another large table looking device also with restraints on it. The walls also have many places to hide in the room so members can come in and welcome the newbies with a welcoming spank. Anything else in the room is brought by the members.

    I would like to (wack) welcome (WACK) all (WACK) new (WACK) members (WACK) to (WACK) the (WACK) ROOM (WACK). Have fun (WACK)!

    Now, for your listening pleasure, I give to you the sounds of the Welcoming Room!
    May they make you cringe with delight!

    My job



    A Newbie Needs Forgiveness

    Masochism Tango


    Seth Laughing


    Forgive Her


    The Perfect Newbie

    If you have some I don't have listed here, PLEASE let me know!!!